Top Management IT Jobs At Gweka Consulting Services

Information technology is one of the most prominent sectors today that provides a promising and growth-oriented career. There are so many top management IT jobs in IT companies and these job roles formulate policies and take responsibility for execution and results. Along with a hefty amount of money, top management jobs also provide the respect that a person seeks in a job.

Project Management Job Roles

  • Developing procedures and policies for enhancing the products and services and leading the technology department.
  • Developing web solutions, planning the life-cycle of the projects, designing and launching web portals.
  • Leading a team of mobile application developers and designers, evaluating current technology, and developing new technologies.
  • Responsible for the overall workflow and results related to digital marketing activities and managing a team of digital marketers.
  • Overseeing all internal and external communications for a company and preparing detailed media reports.
DesignationSalary/ Month (INR)Work Exp. (Year)Click to Apply
Chief Technology Officer Jobs1,00,000-2,50,0001-4Apply Now
Web Technology Project Head Jobs1,20,000-2,80,0002-5Apply Now
Mobile Technologies Project Head Jobs1,00,000-2,90,0003-6Apply Now
Digital Marketing Director Jobs90,000-2,80,0002-7Apply Now
Head of Communications Jobs1,20,000-3,00,0005-9Apply Now

Product Development Job Roles

  • Overseeing and managing the projects of .net with a team of .net developers.
  • Developing policies for the workflow of the projects based on Python and checking the projects before delivering them to the client.
  • Responsible for handling a team of Laravel developers and providing solutions through knowledge and expertise.
  • Communicating project requirements to the juniors PHP developers and ensuring proper implementation of the plan.
  • Handling all the e-commerce projects based on the Magento framework and cross-checking the projects before submission.
DesignationSalary/ Month (INR)Work Exp. (Year)Click to Apply
.NET Head Jobs30,000-39,0001-3Apply Now
Python Head Jobs35,000-45,0002-4Apply Now
Laravel Head Jobs43,000-55,0003-5Apply Now
PHP Head Jobs52,000-61,0004-6Apply Now
Java Head Jobs65,000-85,0005-7Apply Now

Testing Job Roles

  • Monitoring and testing the performance of software and generating reports of the results.
  • Identifying the issues and defects in the software applications manually using automated tools.
  • Developing automated testing strategies and overseeing the integration and installing of testing systems.
  • Handling and managing the team to test and find any bugs and issues in websites and mobile applications before the final release.
  • Conducting rigorous testing throughout the development process for the purpose of quality assurance.
DesignationSalary/ Month (INR)Work Exp. (Year)Click to Apply
Performance Test Manager Jobs38,000-50,0001-3Apply Now
Manual Testing Head Jobs39,000-49,0002-4Apply Now
Automation Testing Head Jobs48,000-60,0005-6Apply Now
Beta Testing Head Jobs60,000-72,0006-8Apply Now
QA Test Head Jobs65,000-83,3007-10Apply Now

Cloud Computing Job Roles

  • Developing cloud adoption plans and cloud application designs in the public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud.
  • delivering innovative data and analytics architectural solutions for complex business problems in the cloud.
  • Providing expertise and guidance to the cloud platform Security Governance team.
  • Analyzing different types of data stored in the cloud and providing decision-making reports.
  • Designing a secure cloud-based infrastructure and creating strategies for cloud infrastructure solutions.

Server Maintenance Job Roles

  • Responsible for the proper working of a company’s AWS server and allocation tasks of maintenance.
  • Eliminating all types of issues from the server before it affects the work by managing the team.
  • Ensuring proper running and working of the server every day by assigning daily maintenance and check duties.
  • Providing expertise knowledge as and when required for troubleshooting any kind of errors in the server.
  • Responsible for the flawless functioning of the server done with routine checks.

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