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The best HR industry practices that we follow have been helping us to build and grow our recruitment career and we are proud for the same. Industries requiring manpower consider us as a first point of contact for our customized solutions delivered timely through quality-oriented approach. We trust and follow our governing rule as Learning and Earning is a Practical enhancement along with the theoretical.


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Review and rating feature, wherein employees and workers may share their experience of working with a company, which will help other job seekers to know about company’s environment before applying for a job. This feature makes our portal unbiased and fair in terms of showing job results to the users with reviews and ratings by others. Anybody who has ever worked with a particular company or was in touch for B2B work can post reviews and give star rating based on his/her work experience and relation with the company or vice versa. Get the company insight and find out what it’s really like from people who’ve worked there or currently working. Star rating is used in all type of industries to measure the quality of someone’s work, and that’s what has applied here. Everyone can gauge each other’s work quality by looking at their star ratings and reviews.

Users can see employee reviews and also provide individual ratings as well as cumulative ratings. Users can also go through a database of management ratings, salary reports, job interview tips, employee benefits reports, and workplace analysis to know about the company. At Gweka Consulting Services, reviews and rating section is designed and developed to help companies, employees, job seekers, freelancers, HR consultants, TPO and fresher to know and select each other based on their past professional relationship with each other.

We offer reviews and star ratings from the inside people helming towards the ease of selection as per the individual’s need. Register with us!

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