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At Gweka Consulting Services employers can hire freelancers to do work in areas such as software development, writing, data entry, recruitment, designing, accounting and legal services etc. These employers are eagerly waiting to hire freelancer like you, and we have established ourselves as the best platform to get freelancing work quickly not just for IT Services but also for Non IT Services too. So, GCS is your much-needed freelancing platform



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If you are a person who loves to work from home or if you want to earn more money along with your salary, then you are in the right place. It depends on you if you wish to be a full-time freelancer or want to work after your usual official working hours. In both cases, you can rely on us to find work. Register yourself as a full-time freelance or for a part-time job, and we will send you opportunities as per your need in your relevant field either it’s IT Freelance or Non-IT Freelance assignment.

Being a freelancer means working at your comfort, and we help you to find flexible working assignment by showing freelancing job results as per your customized needs. We have a network of companies looking for a freelance writer, freelance artist, freelance SEO expert, freelance designer, freelance developer, freelance graphic designer, freelance HR recruiter, freelance journalist, and many more. Work from home jobs are comfortable, and you can make money, you may take as many freelance projects as you are capable of. You can set up your profile with us, add your previous work and can share your resume so that employers can get in touch with you quickly.

How can companies or employers find freelancer or work from home staff? Answer – Gweka Consulting Services, a network of working professionals, employers and distinct job seekers. Get registered and earn with us.

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We at Gweka Consulting Services provide freelancers flexibility of agreements and payments to enable them to work the way they want. We make it easy for freelancers to get more and more work from home projects. As a registered freelancer, you can search for jobs that match skills and services in your profile. We are shaping the future of work practices by networking more and more freelancers. Services You Can Avail as a Freelance-
Name of Services Description
Join The Elite Set up and build a great profile to make yourself stand out on GCS Portal.  
Find Projects Find freelancing projects matching your skills and services.
Share work  & pricing Share your previous work samples and pricing for the project for transparent dealing.
Connect Freelancers Get connected to the community of Freelancers to learn and earn more.
Connect Employers Get connected to the employers looking for freelancers on GCS.
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