Cookies Policy is dedicated to protecting the privacy of users and maintaining transparency. Therefore, this cookie policy is intended to inform users about how we use their personal information. It also explains when and how are the cookies used on our website. We request you to read the cookies policy carefully. uses cookies when users browse through the website. The sole purpose of using cookies is to provide a smooth browsing experience to users. These cookies help in tracking the browsing activity and remember users each time they visit the website. It also ensures that the user’s accounts are safe from hacking. On accessing the website, you agree to the cookies policy. However, in case one disagrees with the policy, they shall immediately stop using the website. 

What are cookies?

Whenever one visits a website, their information is stored in files form of small texts. These files are known as cookies which help in identifying the computer network and also remembers each user. Users web browser stores these cookie files as well and whenever the User revisits a website, it recognizes the user with help of these cookies. This helps in providing a personalized web browsing experience and provides useful content. 

Websites make use of web beacons, tags and scripts to deliver cookies, track activity, count the number of times a user visits the website and other relevant information. Websites also use cookies to track and analyze their campaigns and check whether users are accessing advertisement links. Third party websites on may also use cookies to analyze the performance of their campaigns.

What cookies do we use?

On accessing the website, user will be asked to accept the cookies, these cookies enable us to track their web activity, time spent on website, preferences and other statistics. This eventually help us to improve user experience and are known as first party cookies. If a user wishes to not activate all the cookies, they can visit browser settings and disable certain cookies. However, it may impact user experience and some features of the website might not be available. For more information, users can read about different cookies used on the website.

We use essential cookies known as first party cookies which are essential for accessing the website. If the users choose to disable these cookies, they will not be able to access the website. These cookies make sure that the user remains logged into the website and do not miss out on crucial features or information. places preference cookies for its users which are crucial to enhance user experience. Whenever users access the website, it saves preferences including language preferences, username, location, products and services. Therefore, the preference cookies remembers choices and automatically enables them whenever a user revisits the website. This offers a personalized browsing experience so that a user does not have to enter their preferences every time they browse through the website.

The Analytics cookies are placed on the website to analyze and track the users’ activity. These cookies help the company to analyze their performance and improve user experience based on analysis. These cookies store information about pages that the users visit, tabs they click on and how long they stay on the website. Based on this information and user behavior, the website might showcase different features or advertisements. uses analytics cookies in addition to Google analytics. These cookies are used by the company to gain statistics and analyze their performance. also contains advertising cookies that are placed on the website by third party platforms, servers and networks. It allows these websites to track their advertisement  statistics and gauge the performance of campaigns. These are also called behavioural or targetting cookies and are solely used for the purposes of advertisements and to predict consumer behaviour. For advertisement purposes, also uses ad technologies such as Google analytics, web beacons, and tags on third party websites or platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, or other affiliate websites or advertisement partners to run our campaigns and display ads for the services provided by

Web beacons and tags are used to count the number of clicks on the ads run by directing the users on the website and identify the users.

These third party websites and advertising partners place advertisement cookies to gauge the performance of the advertisements, the number of times that the ads have been clicked on or when a person navigates through the website. Similarly, the third party websites links available on may also place advertisement cookies to measure their performance. For third parties, we recommend you to carefully go through their privacy and cookie policies.

When does Gweka use these cookies?

Whenever the users access the website, they agree to the cookies policy. These cookies are placed when the users browse website through their laptops, desktops, mobile phones or any other electronic gadgets. We also use Google analytics services to gain user statistics.

How can users control their browser's cookie settings? allows the users to change their cookies preferences. However, you must remember that you cannot disable the essential cookies. They are necessary for accessing the website. Users can change other cookie preferences by disabling or enabling certain cookies. They are required to go to the settings menu in their browser. Users have the option to disable the third party cookies in case they do not wish to see advertisements by certain platforms. Once the users disable the cookies, certain features or options may not be available to them. However, they might still be able to see certain advertisements despite disabling cookies. Users can go to their browser’s settings option in both laptops and mobile phones or other gadgets. They can then block the cookies that they wish to disable.