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Gweka Consulting Services is the best platform to help College Training & Placement Officers in getting their fresher trained, internships and job core profile in corporate MNC. We have made it very easy for College TPO to place their students in bulk by connecting to corporate HR via GCS. When we were working on the development of our GCS Job portal, we felt that there is no such platform that provides all-round placement solutions to College TPO’s and that’s when the idea of being more than a job portal came in our minds. 

Off Campus Drive 2020

Latest Off Campus Drive 2020

Connect HR | Build Communitiy | Branding

We at Gweka Consulting Services understand how hard the work of a College Training and Placement Officer is. Accordingly, we have created a platform specifically designed to easily connect corporate HR or recruitment consultant and to pitch campus placement or paid internships for fresher. Having an active account with us will never let you fall short of jobs for the fresher students.

We highly recommend College TPO’s or Dean for Student Welfare to come and register with us. It will help you to outperform duties and responsibilities such as arrangement for campus placements, soft skills training, organizing job fair, arranging for job oriented training seminar, personality development courses etc. You may join a community of TPO’s with GCS and share the HR Details in this network & strengthen your relations. By creating an account with us, TPO’s can easily monitor and connect companies for bulk-hiring. It is difficult for the college to place their pass out students to get an immediate job as most companies don’t prefer hiring fresher, and that’s where we come in light.  

Training and Placement officers can also build student community to keep students updated about relevant vacancies. We are a job search engine, Register With Us! to find jobs for fresher and place the maximum number of students which will ultimately result in the branding of your college.

The kind of work college TPOs are designated to do is of high importance not just for the students but for the country as well. College Training and Placement Officers are responsible for getting the students placed to good jobs after their college education through off campus drives and on-campus drives. By helping the students to get a job, a college TPO furnishes a student’s future life with respect and if youth starts working early it enhances the country’s economy. And that’s why a College TPO plays a vital role in society.

But as the world is raging towards development every second, it is boosting the competition in every market which is resulting in low through both off campus drives and campus placement percentages every year. And that because companies are looking for talented minds and are not ready to pay handsome salaries. This situation is the biggest problem that College TPOs are facing.

Now, what the solution is?

Gweka – a trustworthy platform providing the best jobs to all. Gweka is the solution that College TPOs need right now. It is a platform specifically designed to easily connect corporate HR or recruitment consultants with College TPOs and to pitch campus placement, off campus drives, and paid internships for freshers. Team Gweka always have been working to help those seeking for their dream jobs. Registering with Gweka will help College TPOs in many ways such as arrangement for campus placements, soft skills training, organizing job fairs, arranging for job oriented training seminars, personality development courses, etc. Also, Gweka is known to always provide the best help to those who show trust.

Services Gweka Provide To College TPOs

  1. Connect Corporate HR
If you register as College TPO with Gweka, you can easily connect with Corporate HR which will help you to get in a contract for walk-in interviews and off campus drive throughout the year. We have a plethora of corporate HRs registered with us who are looking for talents to hire. Also, you will find it so easy to get in touch with them.
  1. Get Connected With Resume Writers
One such thing that plays a crucial role for anyone appearing for a job interview is Resume (Curriculum Vitae). A resume is the first impression which shapes the interviewer’s decision. So, whether your students are facing interviews in campus placement or on off campus drives, they need a resume. With Gweka, you can easily hire expert resume writers to draft impactful resumes for the students.
  1. Connecting With HR Consultant
If somehow you don’t find a reliable corporate HR as per your needs, there are hundreds of HR Consultants on our network that you can collaborate with on tasks such as bulk-placement or internship for freshers in Delhi. HR Consultants do not work for one company but for many. This way they are a good source to get your students placed in huge numbers.
  1. Join Campus TPOs Community
On our network, there are so many different communities related to different aspects of jobs and the TPOs community is one of them. Joining a community will furnish you with crucial information about off campus drives, upcoming openings in big companies, job fairs, and many more. And it is always good to expand your network in your niche.
  1. Hire Trainers for Freshers (Corporate Ready Solutions)
What trainers do to help college TPOs is that they train students for job interviews. The first job interview is never easy and most of the time nervousness becomes the reason that students don’t get placed in campus placement. Hiring a trainer is beneficial as your students will be packed with skills of tackling the thin questions with care in job interviews.
off campus drive 2020

Benefits of Registering With Gweka Consulting Services

  • Increased number of students getting placed through campus placement.
  • More companies will come to the college for hiring purposes.
  • First-hand information for industry best off campus drives.
  • Students getting placed with handsome salaries.
  • Preparation for campus placement with an expert and experienced trainer.
  • You can inform students about relative vacancies.
  • Increased chances for students to crack interviews with great resumes.
  • The best platform to find great internships for freshers.
  • Jobs for students of all streams in big companies.
  • Maximized placement percentage will help in boosting the branding of college.
  • Location preferred internships such as internships for freshers in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida.
Preparation For Campus Placement

Our Vision (for Campus Drive and Freshers Jobs)

To provide superior quality of services that strive to become the preferred contacting point of TPOs for placing students through off campus drive, bulk-placement, campus placement, and internships. Our devotion to serving high quality of service to every single client and the community with professionalism, honesty, and integrity. We thrive to be the best ever platform to help College TPOs. We are coveted, committed and competitive in every single aspect with customer-oriented focus and resourcefulness. We will offer innovative career services to provide students with all-time career development and to make a difference in the world. 

A Promise of Placement Throughout The Year

At Gweka, we believe in building healthy relations more than anything and that’s why we are outspoken with our promise of providing placement to your students throughout the year. With innovations and changes in jobs every year, we bring up placement drives in name of the year such as off campus drive 2020. In these drives, we tend to update all our college TPOs with the latest trends. We also inform College TPOs through notifications and emails about the kind of skills employers look for in candidates during the interviews.

Why We

Gweka Consulting Services offers a wide range of recruiting and consulting services for several industries wherein there is a bulk requirement of |fresher’s for entry level profiles i.e. engineering trainee/ management trainee etc. We have got the necessary tools and expertise to help you get your students placed in reputed MNC organizations. We also help college TPO’s to get in touch with the companies and trainers to organize campus placement, job fair and training events. An intelligent College TPO like you will surely understand why to choose us. GCS is the helping hand for College TPO’s.

Services You Can Avail as a College TPO-

Name of Services Description
Connect Corporate HR Get directly connected to corporate HR’s for walk-in drive and campus placement.
Connect HR Consultant Get in touch with HR Consultant to place students in-bulk and quickly.
Hire Freelancers Hire freelancers such as Resume Writer wit GCS to draft appealing resumes of your fresher students.
TPO Community Share and get informed about Job Fair and campus drives by connecting with a network of College TPO’s.
Hire Trainer Hire trainers to get your students ready for corporate world & interviews.
Latest Off Campus Drive

Gweka Consulting Services for Campus Training and Placement Officer (TPOs)

You are at the right place if you are looking for-

  1. Internships & Trainings
  2. Campus Drive/ Company Visits
  3. Job Fair/ Bulk Hiring Solutions
  4. Freshers Interview Training
  5. Resume Writing Services
  6. Join TPO Community

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