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For company owners or employers, our organization Gweka Consulting Services is the best way out to fulfil office staff needs without hiring any Corporate HR or HR Consultant. Gweka is not just a hiring tool for company owners but is a network of opportunities to B2B connections and to market their company. We are the favourites of our clients whenever they feel like hiring talent or creating relationships for the good of the company.


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For the first time in the consulting field, we have developed a platform to help company owners for business-related activities. Being a company owner is a tiring and hard thing as the person has to perform numbers of tasks and activities to keep the business running. A person who is opening a start-up can hire staff by screening & shortlisting relevant resumes available with us or can hire a freelance HR Recruiter to fill internal job vacancies. In case the company owner doesn’t want to deal with the hassles of hiring, then they can have a B2B Tie-ups with consultancy firms available here to fulfil vacancies.

This platform is a red carpet for business owners as they can perform many activities other than hiring. If you are a company owner, then you can connect with other business houses to have B2B Tie-ups. You can send proposals to companies you think have a business opportunity for you. You can also receive quotations from other companies to receive helpful services. Not just that, you can also perform branding of your business on our portal. For the times you feel about hiring an expert for a few days or a specific project, you can easily hire freelancers. All you need to do is to post a requirement and we will get the relevant match for you.

Register as Company Owner with Gweka consulting services comes is a deal of tank full of benefits.

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By choosing Gweka Consulting Services, company owners can easily find the best candidates according to the experience, skill or profile required. We filter out and brings forth the best candidate for all your job openings. We invest our time, resources and energy in screening, assessing, and scanning job seekers before matching the to your job openings. On the other hand, not many companies provide a network to grow business along with staff hiring, but we do. Services You Can Avail as a Company Owner-
Name of Services Description
Find Job Seekers Find talented and best suited job seekers for your company with GCS.
Hire Freelancer You can also hire freelancers for a specific project or short time work.
B2B Tie-Ups A network of businesses from different industries to produce more B2B Tie-Ups.
Connect Community  Get connected to the community of company owners from your industry to learn new things about business.
Connect HR Consultant Get connected to a HR Consultant to look out for all your hiring needs with GCS.
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