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Gweka Consulting Services is not just a name but a revolution in the manpower recruitment industry. We are miles ahead and advanced than our competitors. Even in this competitive market for Human Resource, there are very few portals that help Corporate Trainers to get work. The minds behind the idea of GCS knew that MNC’s require trainers to motivate and train employees and that’s why GCS is a platform where Corporate Trainers can get themselves hired by esteemed organizations. 

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GCS can be beneficial for corporate trainers to get hired by MNC’s (Multi-National Companies) for full time or part-time job. MNC’s understand the value of a trainer’s work in a business environment to convey knowledge and enrich skill to the employees and trainees. You can register yourself as Corporate Trainer with us, to get noticed by the companies looking for a skilled trainer. You can customize your profile as per your achievements to make it look more professional. Our platform is full of big companies who are in urgent requirement of a corporate trainer for training office staff for numerous verticals such as Technical Training, Non-Technical Training, Behavioral & Personality Training and Sales Training.

Chances of getting work fast and easy are not just limited to the MNC’s because there are numbers of consultancy firms registered with us who require third party trainer. These consultancies hire trainers for small scale businesses on their behalf. You can also pitch your capabilities as a trainer to college TPO for interview preparation services, wherein you will help fresher by preparing them to crack interviews. Gweka Consulting Services is a platform for all to interact with each other to achieve their professional goals.

By being a Register with us, you will amazingly increase your chance of getting work. All you need to do, Register With Us, set up your profile, and the rest will follow.

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Gweka Consulting Services provides specialized recruitment services to the companies from every possible industry which helps us to have a bigger network of all the elements of the recruitment process. The reason GCS can prove its worth as the best platform for Corporate Trainers is the extensive network of College TPO’s, Corporate HR’s, Employers and Owners of reputed companies. Our expertise and consistent high standards made us one of the most respected and recognized name for corporate training. Services You Can Avail as a Corporate Trainer-
Name of Services Description
Get Noticed Set up your profile nicely with GCS to get noticed by the ones looking for you.
Connect HR Consultant Get in touch with HR Consultant to get training work for numerous organizations.
Connect Corporate HR Get in direct contact with HR Corporate to grab an astonishing project from big MNC companies.
Connect College TPO  GCS will let you connect with College TPO’s looking for trainers to train their students.
Connect Owners Connect Owners directly and share your proposals and previous work with them to get work opportunity.
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