High Paying Jobs in Corporate Planning, Communication, Advisory, & Management at Gweka Consulting Services

Corporate Planning, Corporate Communication, Corporate Advisory, and Corporate Management are four highly important functional areas that a company should focus on to attain a label of a multinational organization. And hence, these functional areas hold some high-paying jobs.

Corporate Planning

  • Responsible for forecast planning function and estimating the outcomes.
  • The budgeting manager analyzes the financial information of a company to make sure that things remain under the budget,
  • Assisting a senior manager while he/she is leading and planning and directing an organization’s strategy in a senior’s absence.
  • Ensuring sound financial capacity by overseeing all functions in finance management.
  • Directing the company’s business plan and monitoring the progress of the plans with objectives.
Designation Salary/ Month (INR) Work Exp. (Year) Click to Apply
Forecasting Manager Jobs 38,000-44,000 0-1 Apply Now
Budgeting Manager Jobs 49,000-62,000 2-4 Apply Now
Assistance Strategic Planning Manager Jobs 70,000-83,300 3-5 Apply Now
Deputy Manager – Corporate Finance Jobs 80,000-1,00,000 4-7 Apply Now
Corporate Planning Manager Jobs 1,10,000-1,40,000 7-10 Apply Now

Corporate Communications Job Roles

  • Helps with the implementation of corporate communications plans and strategies.
  • Responsible for passing on all the necessary information to the employees.
  • Building strong professional relations with vendors, business associates, and media.
  • Overseeing all the external and internal corporate communication activities and ensuring the message is consistent and engaging.
  • Growing awareness and building credibility of the brand or company by developing procedures and leading from the front.
Designation Salary/ Month (INR) Work Exp. (Year) Click to Apply
Communication Executive Jobs 31,000-35,000 0-1 Apply Now
Internal Communication Specialist Jobs 34,780-40,000 1-3 Apply Now
External Communication Manager Jobs 75,000-90,000 3-6 Apply Now
Corporate Communication Manager Jobs 98,000-1,20,000 5-8 Apply Now
VP of Communications Jobs 1,37,000-1,70,000 7-11 Apply Now

Corporate Advisory Job Roles

  • Performing support activities such as data gathering and analysis, implementation, and portfolio management.
  • Working on behalf of the company and deciding what to insure, and how to manage those risks in other ways.
  • A corporate legal advisor provides advice on legal matters and conducts legal analysis.
  • Responsible for the overall management of different advisory departments of a company.
  • Responsible for developing and strengthening relationships with International Banks, refinancing of term loans & working capital facilities from banks.
Designation Salary/ Month (INR) Work Exp. (Year) Click to Apply
Associate- Financial Advisory Jobs 25,000-31,000 0-1 Apply Now
Insurance Broker Jobs 30,700-36,100 1-2 Apply Now
Corporate Legal Advisor Jobs 59,000-89,000 2-5 Apply Now
Corporate Advisory Manager Jobs 1,00,000-1,70,000 3-7 Apply Now
AVP – Corporate Banking – International Advisory Jobs 1,50,000-2,50,000 6-10 Apply Now

Corporate Management Job Roles

  • Performing different analytical activities to identify the needs of the business helps in strategy-making.
  • Monitor, coordinate, and communicate the strategic objectives of the business.
  • Reviewing project plans for providing important insights and strategy recommendations.
  • Responsible for preparing and managing all the strategic plans for meeting the business goals.
  • Managing and leading the managers to successfully implement new strategies.
Designation Salary/ Month (INR) Work Exp. (Year) Click to Apply
Liaison Officer Jobs 30,000-37,000 0-2 Apply Now
Strategy Analyst Jobs 49,000-60,000 1-2 Apply Now
Associate Sr. Consultant – Strategy Consulting Jobs 80,000-1,00,000 4-6 Apply Now
Strategy Manager Jobs 1,05,000-1,75,000 5-7 Apply Now
Director Strategy and Operations Jobs 1,65,000-3,00,000 7-11 Apply Now

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