NGO / CSR / Social Services

A non-governmental organization (NGO) is any non-profit, voluntary citizens’ group which is organized on a local, national or international level. CSR initiative by corporate to give back to society for human wellbeing.

List of Major Profile, Desired Experience and Tentative Salaries Offered for this Industry in India-

Ngo, Not for Profit, CSR and Social Services Jobs in India


The helping hand is the best support system whether it’s NGOs or social service in India. Since being the first country to make CSR mandatory, and as per Indian philanthropy report, India 2019 funding in social service sector has grown from 11% leaping to 21% which in itself is a notable thing. The term corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a strategic system designed for companies investing 2% of their profits, in for any cause they stand for. There are organizations offering solutions on a large scale in India where companies have spent over Rs 50,000 Crore on (CSR) works in last 5 years.

The Market Size of Not for profit and NGO sector in India

India has accelerated in a different perspective in the Ngo sector from last seven decades. The NGOs and charitable organizations market is expected to grow up to $384.78 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 7.8%. The growth in the NGOs and social service market is due to the rise in crowd funding.

Major Hub of CSR Jobs and Ngo Sector in India

With over 13 lakh NGOs, Uttar Pradesh alone with 5,48,194 NGOs are operating, which definitely leads it to the tag of hub followed by Kerala which has over 3,69,137 NGOs, Maharashtra 1,07,797, Madhya Pradesh 1,40,000 and Gujarat has 75,729 NGOs.


Job Profiles in Ngo and social service and CSR sectors in India

So, if you are wondering who can be the ideal candidate for this service sector , if you have Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and the Master of Social Work (MSW) then you are good to go, however if you don’t have the degree but if you have the right skills then you are eligible for any walk-in.

The list of job roles in Ngo and CSR sector is provided below. You can also consult Gweka Consulting Services – GCS for a better understanding of your choices.


Work Profiles                Average Salary Per Annum (INR)Click Here to Apply
Account Specialist Jobs5,85,000Apply Now
Marketing Communication Specialists Jobs9,20,000Apply Now
Tele-fundraising Executive Jobs2,49,521Apply Now
Senior Manager Program Jobs2,46,000Apply Now
Consultant Jobs9,29,000Apply Now
NGO Specialist Jobs60,00,000Apply Now
Artisan NGO mobilization Jobs6,53,103Apply Now
Social Media Manager Jobs31,00,000Apply Now
Project manager Jobs3,88,896Apply Now
Intervention director Jobs4,09,200Apply Now

Sources: Glass door, Indeed

Note: All the salaries are subjected to experience level and are approximate in amount.

Top 10 NGO and Social Service Organizations in India

CSR and Ngo sectors have done a great job in recent years for strengthening the backbone of India.  The average employee strength of the NGOs was 466, with women employees holding 53% of the total workforce, which is positively higher than the combined average of organizations from all the other industries (20%), resulting into more jobs in non- profit sector.

If you are still in a dilemma then contact GCS services for detailed info, we always have your back for your bright future. Below are the list of top 10 companies in Ngo organizations in India-

Upcoming Trends in Ngo and CSR sector in India


The changing landscape of NGO and service sector, and the constantly evolving trends, both are contributing in the up scaling of the Ngo sector in India in the coming future.

  • Corporate giving: Donation is not quite a big deal when we talk about corporate sector. With more conformity, in coming future, it’s would be easy and accessible for the Ngos to upscale there funding rounds while reaching out to the companies that believe in the causes and nurturing partnerships in every aspect.
  • Investing with sustainability: In coming future more and more individuals would be curious to know about the process of using their money in form of donation, which is also known as impact investment. This trend is quite beneficial since more and more stakeholders are coming forward to support social causes.

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