Hot Jobs in Pharma & Biotechnology at Gweka Consulting Services

Both Pharma and Biotechnology are vital for the human race. Pharma is actually related to pharmaceuticals medicines, whereas Biotechnology harnesses cellular and bimolecular processes to develop technologies and make products. Jobs in these areas have witnessed a boost in past years and COVID-19 pandemic showed their importance for the humans.

Pharma Job Roles

  • Visiting different hospitals and clinics in assigned areas to market and sell medicines.
  • Planning & prioritizing operations and overseeing sales targets assigned to junior executives.
  • Communicating and marketing the benefits of medicines to healthcare payers and providers,
  • Writing summaries for promotional events and press releases based on the analysis of collected data.
  • Managing the overall operations related to sales, promotions, delivery, and payment collection to all the partner hospitals and clinics.
DesignationSalary/ Month (INR)Work Exp. (Year)Click to Apply
Executive- Sales Pharma Jobs15,000-22,0001-2Apply Now
Senior- Executive – Pharma Jobs20,000-25,0001-4Apply Now
Lead Associate – Marketing Pharma Jobs30,000-40,0002-5Apply Now
Senior Analyst – Pharma Jobs50,000-65,0004-7Apply Now
Sr. Manager Pharma Jobs55,000-78,0005-9Apply Now

Medical Equipment’s Job Roles

  • Designing different types of medical equipment and evaluating safety, efficiency, and effectiveness
  • Responsible for providing timely maintenance and repair services for the medical equipment.
  • Training hospital and clinical staff for the proper usage of medical equipment such as laser therapy and magneto therapy equipment.
  • Responsible for the testing of equipment in order to assure that every equipment matches the standards.
  • Ensuring the company’s sales targets are met on nation-wide level through team leading and designing new sales and marketing tactics.

Biotechnology Job Roles

  • Biotechnology lab technicians examine cell cultures and splice genes and test DNAs.
  • Conducting direct research, data analysis, and other formative project efforts around concepts.
  • Responsible for assay designing, data mining, and analysis to develop, maintain, and operate bioinformatics pipelines.
  • Studying organisms and infectious agents and developing green technologies.
  • To oversee the design and development of the overall curriculum, and develop and deliver a range of programs of study (sometimes for entirely new courses) at various levels.

Clinical Research Job Roles

  • Arranging the required materials and documents and coordinating the senior researchers.
  • Organizing and administering clinical trials of drugs to assess usage related risk and benefits.
  • Measuring effectiveness of drugs and medical devices through medical studies.
  • Studying reactions of different medications on different diseases to help develop better medicines.
  • Collecting data from different research projects and directing the overall process of research.

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