Hot Jobs in Marketing & Advertising at Gweka Consulting Services

Both marketing and advertising are highly essential for every company to survive for long. And functional areas such as Marketing Research, Public Relations, Media Planning, Events, and Promotions work together to spread the awareness about a company’s products and services to the masses. Creative thinkers and opportunists are among key skills which will surely help the job seekers to have a promising career in Marketing and Advertising.

Marketing Job Roles

  • Organize and oversee advertising/communication campaigns, exhibitions and promotional events.
  • Manage the day-to-day function of digital marketing, including Social Media, Digital Production, digital creative oversight and KPI tracking.
  • Preparing the Effective Company Presentation & presenting to Business Influencers, mainly Architect and consultants required for branding
  • Leading delivery for all creative requirements (Shoots, Ads, Videos, Packaging, Social Media, ATL, BTL, Influencer, Partnerships etc.) across geographies for all platforms.
  • Execute online and offline marketing initiatives, integrating online and new media, email, print, direct mail, social media, company websites, SEM/SEO strategy development, brand awareness and drip marketing initiatives.
DesignationSalary/ Month (INR)Work Exp. (Year)Click to Apply
Marketing Executive Jobs15,000-20,0001-3Apply Now
Senior Executive Jobs22,000-30,0002-5Apply Now
Marketing Sales Manager Jobs30,000-36,0003-6Apply Now
Senior Marketing Manager Jobs45,000-59,0005-7Apply Now
Assistant Vice President- Marketing Jobs85,000-1,20,0008-12Apply Now

Advertising Job Roles

  • Identify, prioritize and close new clients to meet company’s revenue and gross profit objectives
  • Adept to work with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn other search social media Ads. One who can analyze data through Google Analytics, boiling down their experience to data.
  • Build, manage, and scale a revenue pipeline with advertisers, online ad networks/agencies and maintain a threshold of Ad Sales revenue on a monthly basis.
  • Responsible for delivery, trafficking, pacing, optimization and reporting of ad campaigns.
  • Creating adequate interest about products/services among industry clients, media buying houses and advertising agencies with the aim of selling advertisement related products to them.
DesignationSalary/ Month (INR)Work Exp. (Year)Click to Apply
Advertising Executive Jobs15,000-25,0001 – 3Apply Now
Digital Advertising Analyst Jobs28,000-40,0002-5Apply Now
Advertising Sales Manager Jobs48,000-56,0003-6Apply Now
Advertising Operation Manager Jobs49,000-60,0005-7Apply Now
Advertising Specialist Jobs55,000-75,0008-14Apply Now

MR Job Roles

  • Responsible for reviewing assigned business processes from end-to-end to identify and address operational, financial and technological risks.
  • Tracking and reporting project metrics and providing recommendations to client facing departments.
  • Market Research Manager selects the appropriate research methodology and supporting techniques to meet objectives.
  • Directing and overseeing an organization’s marketing research policies.
DesignationSalary/ Month (INR)Work Exp. (Year)Click to Apply
Market Research Executive Jobs20,000-30,0001-3Apply Now
Senior Analyst-MR Jobs28,000-40,0002 – 4Apply Now
Fieldwork Manager Jobs48,000-56,0003-5Apply Now
Research Manager Jobs49,000-60,0005-7Apply Now
Research Director Jobs55,000-75,0008-10Apply Now

PR Job Roles

  • Building a network of contacts within the national and regional media who cover Indian football and identify areas for expanded coverage.
  • Drafting news releases, speeches, articles and other editorial collateral. Analyzing and reporting results of PR campaigns & initiatives.
  • The role will assist Lead – PR in ensuring our corporate and BU level storytelling is delivered well in alignment to their objectives.
  • Plan, develop and direct public relation programs that build and sustain a favorable public image for the company’s reputation.
  • Responsible for hosting Events, Public Relations, Brand Management, and Corporate PR.
DesignationSalary/ Month (INR)Work Exp. (Year)Click to Apply
PR Coordinator Jobs15,000-25,0001-3Apply Now
Public Relation Executive Jobs28,000-35,0002-5Apply Now
Associate- Public Relation Jobs40,000-56,0003-6Apply Now
Senior Manager- Public Relation Jobs 49,000-55,0005-7Apply Now
Public Relation Officer Jobs67,000-89,0007-9Apply Now

Media Planning Job Roles

  • Design and execute online campaigns that help build brand awareness and engagement
  • Creating Digital Media plans for accounts identifying and converting up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Working for the fastest growing multiple client, it provides and asks for an unusual approach to the traditional media.
  • Developing and implementing all targeted content for various media platforms.
  • Formulation and implementation of plans, strategies and actions related to the Media Centre to grow and manage it efficiently and effectively. Subsequently, heading the entire media centre (P&L).
DesignationSalary/ Month (INR)Work Exp. (Year)Click to Apply
Social Media Executive Jobs15,000-25,0001-3Apply Now
Digital Media Manager Jobs28,000-35,0002-5Apply Now
Manager- Media Planning Jobs39,000-48,0003-6Apply Now
General Manager Media Planning Jobs 66,000-80,0005-7Apply Now
Senior Head Specialist – Media Planning Jobs70,000-95,0008-10Apply Now

Events Job Roles

  • Attracts potential customers by answering product and service questions; suggesting information about other products and services.
  • Coordination within the departments and the client rsquos representative like Sales Officer etc
  • Required to come up with imaginative, original and eye-catching design ideas and mood boards in keeping with the client’s brief.
  • Formulate new ideas and change of focus around existing events.
  • Responsible for developing, launching, and managing events and conferences.
DesignationSalary/ Month (INR)Work Exp. (Year)Click to Apply
Event Executive Jobs18,000-24,0001-3Apply Now
Event Supervisor Jobs22,000-28,0002-4Apply Now
Event Designer Jobs30,000-40,0003-6Apply Now
Event Promotion Manager Jobs 42,000-48,0005-7Apply Now
Event Conference Producer Jobs52,000-78,0008-10Apply Now

Promotion Job Roles

  • Command over On Page and Off Page SEO, Research and Analysis, Link Building, Social Networking and Site monitoring.
  • Showing how to use a product and helping others try it as well.
  • Deciding merchandising presentation, helping customers to locate items, replenishing shelves, monitoring stocks, and maintaining merchandise records.
  • Creating social media campaigns and strategies, including budget planning, content ideation, and implementation schedules for the sole purpose of promotion.
  • Developing, implementing and executing marketing initiatives to promote and push the brand.
DesignationSalary/ Month (INR)Work Exp. (Year)Click to Apply
Web Promotion Executive Jobs20,000-25,0001-3Apply Now
Product Demonstrator Jobs22,000-28,0002-4Apply Now
Merchandising Specialist Jobs30,000-40,0003-6Apply Now
Social Media Manager Jobs 42,000-53,0005-7Apply Now
Brand Manager Jobs56,000-78,0008-10Apply Now

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