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A part of electrical, Switchgears are composed of electrical disconnect switches, fuses or circuit breakers used to control, protect and isolate electrical equipment.

List of Major Profile, Desired Experience and Tentative Salaries Offered for this Industry in India-

Electrical Renewable and Automation Jobs In Indian


The nation that leads in renewable energy will be the nation that leads the world. Since Indian renewable energy is growing vigorously since last decade. The grid- connected installed generation capacity from non-conventional renewable technologies, which in itself is a big thing. Indian solar power and instrumentation are constantly supervising and maximizing the solar energy yields, new trends and graphs. Being the fourth most attractive renewable energy market in the world, the Indian market is filled with new job offers in electrical renewable and automation industry.


The Market Size and GDP Share of Electrical Renewable and Automation Industries

Availability of renewable energy is a social-factor of growth for any country. Indian market size holds a great value; according to 10th EPI report, India ranks 177 out of 180 countries in terms of environmental quality. With an annual GDP of 10%, India has a vision of achieving a target of $5 trillion economies till 2024-25 in renewable and automation sector in India. This fast pace industry had a  CAGR of 19.78 per cent between FY14 18.Considering this India is heading towards a great start.

Major Hub Electrical Renewable and Automation Industries in India

Maharashtra can be crowned with the hub of electrical renewable and automation sector in India, with 31,934 MW of installed capacity, which is followed by Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.


Job Profiles in Electrical Renewable and Automation Industries in India

Whether it’s the power sector, automation or renewable energy transformation, attracting global customers and investors will have a positive impact on automation and instrumentation sector. For being a part of this boundless sector, the perfect candidate should hold a bachelor degree in Earth Sciences Renewable Energy or Sustainable Energy or Green Technologies. For getting the right skills you can enter the programs like – UPES (India), TERI University (India).

The list of job roles in the Electrical renewable and automation industries are provided below. You can also consult GCS services for a better understanding of your choices.

Top 10 Electrical Renewable and Automation Industries in India


Adopting renewable energy can lead to great and ample amount of job creations. As per the report by IRENA the renewable energy industry in India accounted for almost 7,19,000 jobs in the year 2018 and is expected to explode up to 4.5 million jobs that will be created in the coming years in India.

To enter the game, here are some best players whom you can join and start your journey with. Below are the list of top 10 companies in Electrical renewable and automation industries world in India. If you are still in a dilemma then contact GCS services for detailed info, we are always there for you and your bright career.

Companies NameHeadquarters 
Suzlon Energy Limited ( Suzlon Energy Jobs )Pune
Enercon India Pvt. Ltd. ( Enercon India Jobs )New Delhi
Orient Green Power Ltd. (
Orient Green Power Jobs )
Wind World India Ltd. ( WWI Jobs )New Delhi
Photon Energy Systems Ltd. ( Photon Energy Systems Jobs )Telangana
Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd. ( Loom Solar Jobs )Haryana
Moser Baer Solar Ltd. ( MBSL Jobs )New Delhi
Regen Powertech Pvt. Ltd. ( Regen Powertech Jobs )Chennai
ePersue ( ePersue Jobs )Gujarat
Orion Info Solutions ( Orion Info Solutions Jobs )Rajasthan
EMMVEE ( EMMVEE Jobs )Karnataka

Upcoming Trends in Electrical Renewable and Automation Industries in India


Future expansion will lead to some thrilling changes in trends and opportunities. Here are a few listed below.

  • AI will be a part, whether it’s adapting the need of different business or evolving and developing user-experience technology in coming future, or it’s producing energy-efficient sources. The new taskforce is always needed and so this could be the right time for every job-seeker for hunting a great job in the renewable energy sector.
  • Focusing more on the energy storage system, the need to store solar or any renewable energy for future in such a way that it can endure weather conditions, and can also act as a cost-effective solution for future needs and demands.

Want to explore more in the Automation and renewable energy world then do connect with GCS- GWeKa consulting services today.

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