How to become QuickBooks certified

Quickbooks as a software that provides both skills and features.This means QuickBooks helps you to become a certified accountant or a book-keeping specialist which will not only help you to upgrade your skills but also helps you in marketing them.

In this post, you will get to know more about:

  • Benefits of becoming Quickbooks certified.
  • Steps to become Quickbooks certified
  • What type of exams come under Quickbooks certification exams.
  • What can you expect after passing the exam.

But before that let’s discuss what are the benefits of becoming a Quickbooks certified advisor.

Benefits of becoming Quickbooks certified

Clearly, by becoming a certified QuickBooks advisor, you can hone your skills at a different level and demonstrate proficiency in this field. 

Even for small businesses, you can position yourself as an expert and effectively demonstrate skills in case of tracking sales, producing and managing invoices and monitoring financial records. 

You can even point out errors like QuickBooks web connector error which is related to QuickBooks desktop software and fix it.

Steps to become QuickBooks certified 

Now you understand the benefits of becoming QuickBooks certified. Here are a few simple steps you can follow to become a Quick book online pro- advisor.

Step-1   Sign up for QuickBooks Online Accountant Program. Here are the steps you can follow to do the same:

  • Go to
  • Click on the Proadvisor Program in the top navigation menu.
  • Lastly, click on “Sign-up for free” and fill all the information.

Step-2 Be prepared for the QuickBooks certification exam.

After signing up you can prepare yourself and get access to proadvisor training courses. To start the training, follow these simple steps:

  • Firstly, click on the ProAdvisor link found under your practise.
  •  Then, Go to the Training tab.

Infact, here you can find all types of courses ranging from basic courses like Introduction to QuickBooks Online Accountant course to advanced courses like QuickBooks Online Accountant Advanced course. You can choose as per your skills.

Step-3 Take the QuickBooks certification exam

After receiving the training, you will be ready to go for the final exam. You will need some basic understanding of QuickBooks accounting and some basic principles to pass this exam.

Although, there’s nothing to worry about since all the topics will be already covered in the training session and you will be ready to knock out the test. 

Also, note that both the training session and exam are free of cost. 

Still, there are few mandatory things: tests should be completed in one single session, don’t stop midway through to pick it later.

You can repeat the certification exam if you do not pass in the first try. Also, during the exam, you can review all the answers before hitting the submit button. 

Note that while repeating the exam you only have to answer questions you didn’t get right during the first try.

What type of exams come under QuickBooks certified exams?

Now you know the do’s and don’ts of giving the exam. It’s also important to know what type of certification you need from the different types of certification tests. 

They all differ in the number of sections, the questions in each section, and even the content of the questions.

Nonetheless, here is the list of topics that are often part of QuickBooks test exams:

  • QuickBooks Certified User exams
  • QuickBooks Solutions for Clients
  • Special Client Onboarding Tasks
  • Supporting your Small Business Clients
  • Reporting
  • Banking and Tools
  • Preparing Clients’ Books

What can you expect after passing the QuickBooks certified exam?

As soon as you pass the exam, you will receive an email notification regarding your digital certificate. It will highlight your accomplishments and industry expertise. You will also certify as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor that will allow you to connect with new clients and work with them.


In short, Quick books provides a way to test your skills and also upsell it since this software provides all the features you need to run a business and this certification process comes under it.

The idea behind this post was to save your time and provide you with the correct information on how you can become Quick books certified and hone your skills for your business.