Some of the Latest Jobs in Hospitality Industry at Gweka Consulting Services

Hospitality industry is a very broad category and it includes Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, Clubs, and other such places and businesses where services like lodging, food and drink, and event planning are provided.

With various different types of jobs in the Hospitality industry, a promising career comes as a guarantee.

Hotel Job Roles

  • Registering guests, managing reservations and providing information about rooms, rates and amenities.
  • Cleaning and setting tables and placing seasonal decorations, candles, and table cloths.
  • Directing and overseeing all aspects of the organization’s food and beverage planning and service.
  • Controlling and directing the food preparation process and any other relative activities.
  • Responsible for managing employees and for planning, marketing, coordinating and administering hotel services such as catering and accommodation facilities.
Designation Salary/ Month (INR) Work Exp. (Year) Click to Apply
Hotel Front Desk Jobs 15,500 – 19,000 0-1 Apply Now
Stewards Jobs 24,800 – 26,400 2-3 Apply Now
Food & Beverages Director Jobs 55,600 – 70,000 4-6 Apply Now
Chief Chef Jobs 63,000 – 78,000 6-7 Apply Now
Hotel Manager Jobs 72,000 – 1,00,000 7-9 Apply Now

Restaurants Job Roles

  • Responsible for greeting customers and taking food and beverage orders.
  • Assisting in overseeing and directing all aspects of the operation of the kitchen, and in providing functional assistance.
  • Leading a team of employees responsible for receiving and recording new stock as it arrives and moving stock.
  • Directing the preparation work of the kitchen, managing kitchen staff and assistant cooks.
  • Directing the daily operations of the restaurant, ensuring compliance with company standards in all areas of operation.
Designation Salary/ Month (INR) Work Exp. (Year) Click to Apply
Waiter Jobs 16,666 – 20,000 0-2 Apply Now
Junior Chef Jobs 35,000 – 40,000 2-3 Apply Now
Inventory Manager Jobs 49,000 – 60,000 4-6 Apply Now
Senior Chef Jobs 55,000 – 65,000 5-6 Apply Now
Restaurants General Manager Jobs 57,100 – 70,000 7-9 Apply Now

Bar Job Roles

  • Preparing alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages for bars and patrons.
  • Ensuring that the bartender has everything they need during service to keep everything running smoothly.
  • Providing security, refusing entry for intoxicated persons and dealing with aggressive behavior or non- compliance with statutory or establishment rules.
  • Planning and organizing promotional, business and social events.
  • Overseeing the staff and operations of a bar and managing customer complaints.
Designation Salary/ Month (INR) Work Exp. (Year) Click to Apply
Bartender Jobs 25,000 – 30,000 0-1 Apply Now
Barback Jobs 27,000 – 35,000 1-3 Apply Now
Bouncers Jobs 30,000 – 40,000 3-4 Apply Now
Bar Event Manager Jobs 35,000 – 47,800 4-6 Apply Now
Bar Manager Jobs 40,000 – 60,000 6-8 Apply Now

Pub Job Roles

  • Washing pots and pans, keeping floors clean, sanitizing food preparation areas.
  • Deciding the combinations of different types of lights and light colors and managing their proper functionality.
  • Playing the songs according to the mood of the customers and keeping it fresh so that it can let people at the pub enjoy.
  • Mixing drinks, cleaning and organizing the bar, educating and entertaining customers, new drink suggestions and designing new menus for beverages.
  • Keep the Pub running smoothly by handling day-to-day operations and by managing resources and staff.
Designation Salary/ Month (INR) Work Exp. (Year) Click to Apply
Kitchen Porter Jobs 12,000 – 17,000 0-1 Apply Now
Lighting Specialist Jobs 24,000 – 28,000 1-2 Apply Now
DJ Jobs 41,600 – 66,600 3-5 Apply Now
Mixologist Jobs 48,000 – 69,000 6-9 Apply Now
Pub Manager Jobs 62,500 – 80,000 7-10 Apply Now

Club Job Roles

  • Leading, instructing, and motivating individuals and groups for different types of activities.
  • Providing security, refusing entry for intoxicated persons and dealing with aggressive behavior or non- compliance.
  • Running day-to-day operations and ensuring club members satisfaction with club services.
  • Understanding what drives customer delight and making plans and executing them accordingly.
  • Responsible for optimal operations and management of the club and driving increased membership throughout the year.
Designation Salary/ Month (INR) Work Exp. (Year) Click to Apply
Instructor Jobs 20,000 – 25,000 1-2 Apply Now
Bouncer Jobs 33,000 – 46,000 2-5 Apply Now
Hospitality Manager Jobs 48,750 – 57,000 4-6 Apply Now
Client Delight Manager Jobs 55,000 – 65,000 5-7 Apply Now
Club Manager Jobs 78,000 – 84,000 7-9 Apply Now

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