Health, Safety and Environment Jobs

Health, safety and environment refer to a branch, or department, within a company that is responsible for the observance and protection of occupational health and safety rules and regulations along with environmental protection.

List of Major Profile, Desired Experience and Tentative Salaries Offered for this Industry in India-

(in Years)
( in lakhs)
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Environment Officer Jobs 6.1 3.6 Apply Now
Service Maintenance Engineer Jobs 5.4 3.1 Apply Now
Industrial Engineer Jobs 5.8 3.5 Apply Now
Production Manager Jobs 10.0 6.4 Apply Now
Engineering Manager Jobs 11.9 7.1 Apply Now
Safety Officer Jobs 5.9 4.4 Apply Now
Design Engineer Manager Jobs 5.4 3.6 Apply Now

Environment, Health and safety (EHS) Industry in India

The EHS- environment, health and safety jobs are offered by corporate consulting firms that have expertise into precautionary measure to avoid any misshaping in the business places. Implementing healthy and safety plans are the major tasks for this industry personal. A manufacturing or a service company may hire an environmental specialists or health & safety instructor who can assist them whether the company is meeting the government rules and helps to do the same.


The Market Size and GDP Share of Environment, Health and safety Industry in India

As per environmental goods and services sector (EGSS) value-added amounted to $ 81 billion, which corresponds to almost 2 % of GDP where the producers of renewable energy and the companies in the waste collection are the economic activities that contributed most. The advancement in technology has to lead the Indian environment market to represents significant opportunities estimated at $3.1 billion which is expected to grow up to $20 billion by 2020 stated by a Canadian environment technology services.

Major Hub of Environment, Health and safety Industry in India

The manufacturing companies in Morbi, it is the hub of environment companies in India followed by metro cities in India, Gujarat, Haryana, Delhi where forest waste dump is used for various projects.

Top 10 Job Profiles in the Environment, Health and safety Industry in India

EHS programs also shows employees that companies care about their well-being for e.g. a study shows the direct correlation between health and safety programs and a company’s stock performance.

For candidates who want to enter EHS industry should hold a degree course in Health Safety & Environment which can bring their carrier on the right track. There are also postgraduate and diploma courses for entering this industry.

The list of job roles in environment, health and safety industry is provided below. Consult GCS- Gweka Consulting Services for a better understanding of your choices.

Work profiles            Average Salary Per Annum (INR)Click Here to Apply
EHS Manager Jobs9,70,000Apply Now
Environmental Protection Specialists Jobs2,20,301Apply Now
Environmental Engineer Jobs14,18,261Apply Now
Environment Protection Assistant Jobs7,20,000Apply Now
Safety & Occupational Health Specialists Jobs6,31,000Apply Now
Safety Engineer Jobs5,25,000Apply Now
Health Manager Jobs5,02,020Apply Now
Environment heath Technician Jobs8,28,843Apply Now
EHS Head Jobs5,51,476Apply Now
EHS Executive Jobs3,07,655Apply Now

Sources: payscale, Indeed

Note: all the salaries are subjected to experience level and are approximate in amount.

Top 10 Environment, Health and Safety Companies in India

The revenue in environment industry is increasing due to the potential market disposable income and changing end-user preferences. The eco-friendly products are the key factor why they are popular among people and is also providing employment to more than 300,000 people in different environment sectors like wind, solar etc.

 The list of top 10 companies in environment, health & safety industry in India in given below. For more info contact GCS services, we are always there for you.

Companies Name


ABM Environment Consultants (ABM Environment Jobs)


Aplinka Solutions and Technologies (Aplinka Solutions Jobs)

Uttar Pradesh 

CVR Labs (CVR Labs Jobs)


EnVision Environmental Services (Envision Environment Jobs)


Equinox Environments India (Equinox Environments Jobs)


Global Environment & Mining Services (GE&MS Jobs)


Mantec Consultants (Mantec Consultants Jobs)

New Delhi

Pollucare Engineers (Pollucare Engineers Jobs)

Tamil Nadu

Vaishno Sai Quality Consultants (Vaishno Sai Quality Jobs)


Go Green Mechanisms (Go Green Mechanisms Jobs)


Upcoming Trends in Environment, Health and Safety Industry in India

As Indian environmental services market is 8th largest in the entire world and is expected to bloom even more in the coming future due to these underlining trends.

  • EHS will be in your hands: Increasing mobile usage is leading to offering of mobile services like EHS apps so that companies can redefine their existing strategies and technologies.
  • EHS Software: Every company will invest in cloud based EHS software, since the traditional on premise solutions are not cost-effective, as software are fast and reliable.
  • New Safety Concerns: Every single year there are so many cases related to employee safety at offices, in meetings premises and work places. Preparing for them in advance will be more securing.

Want to explore more in health and environment and safety sector then do connect with GCS- GWeKa consulting services today.

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