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Government jobs are considered the safest career option in India. So many job aspirants prepare for government exams every year because it provides stability to career and settlement in life. There are different types of Jobs in Municipal Corporation, State Government, and Central Government. Below are some government jobs with a bit of job description.

Municipal Corporation Job Roles

  • Providing views on current actions and suggesting changes to improve health facilities within the assigned area.
  • Assisting officials in different tasks and recording minutes of council meetings.
  • Leading different development projects that fall under the municipal corporation.
  • Providing legal advisory services to Council and other decision-makers within the municipality.
  • Distributing work among the staff and maintaining order and discipline within the section.
Designation Tentative Salary/ Month (INR)
Consultant-Health Department 25,000-30,000
Clerk 28,000-35,000
Chief Engineer 40,000-47,600
Legal Advisor 37,400-67,000
Section Officer 34,000-65,000

State Govt. Jobs

  • Installing and maintaining wiring and lighting systems, inspecting electrical components, and identifying electrical problems.
  • Constables perform many duties such as crime detection, patrolling, escorting of prisoners, and VIP.
  • Ensuring a hygienic environment in public places and public toilets. Issuing notices in case of misconduct.
  • Safely driving the bus on the assigned route and ensuring the proper working condition of the bus from time to time.
  • Resolving the complaints of the guests and managing a team of lobby greeters.
Designation Tentative Salary/ Month (INR)
Electrician 15,000-25,000
Constable 25,000-35,000
Sanitary Inspector 25,000-35,000
Bus Driver 35,000-70,000
Lobby Manager 40,000-70,000

Central Govt. Jobs

  • Responsible for the efficient management of the Range and discipline, conduct, and work of all his subordinate staff.
  • RBI Assistants are responsible for replying to the public over mails and replying to RTI queries.
  • Developing new technologies which can help an ongoing or future space mission and working on a project with other scientists.
  • IAS officers are responsible for framing policies and advising the ministers on various issues, implementation of policies of State Government and Central Government, and maintaining law and order.
  • A Lieutenant General commands a corps-sized unit of higher commands and holds important appointments at the army commands and at the army headquarters.
Designation Tentative Salary/ Month (INR)
Forest Range Officer 42,000-67,000
RBI Assistance 34,900-50,000
ISRO Scientist 67,000-79,000
IAS Officer 66,000-85,000
Lieutenant General 1,00,000-1,50,000

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