Hot Jobs in Gas, Mining, Geology, and GIS at Gweka Consulting Services

The Gas sector is a global powerhouse and employs lakhs of workers and generates hundreds of billions of dollars globally each year which inturn provides scope for more and more jobs.
Mining industry is related to the extraction of minerals and materials from earth which are used for variou purposes and jobs in mining are growing each year.
Geology is the study and science that deals with physical structure and substance of the earth and provides some highest paying jobs.
GIS stands for Geographic Information System framework to capture and analyze spatial and geographic data.

Job Roles in Gas Industry

  • Ensuring that pipeline systems operate safely, efficiently, and reliably.
  • Responsible for designing and building the efficient and effective piping systems.
  • Planning, implementing, and conducting preventative care, safety, and compliance training programs.
  • Overseeing and assessing existing processes and workflows.
  • Overseeing all daily operations of the Gas plant to ensuring policies and procedures are followed.
DesignationSalary/ Month (INR)Work Exp. (Year)Click to Apply
Pipeline Control Centre Operator Jobs22,000 – 24,0000-1Apply Now
Pipeline Design Engineer Jobs27,000 – 35,0001-2Apply Now
Safety Manager Jobs52,000 – 57,6003-5Apply Now
Process Engineer Jobs60,000 – 69,7006-8Apply Now
Gas Plant Manager Jobs68,500 – 87,5008-9Apply Now

Job Roles in Mining Industry

  • Repairing, troubleshooting, adjusting, overhauling and maintaining mobile heavy-duty equipment.
  • Evaluating, observing, and controlling the legal flow of various types of hazardous waste and
    environmental pollutants.
  • Responsible for analyzing metals and alloys to determine their physical and chemical properties.
  • Ensuring that underground resources such as minerals, metals, and oil are extracted safely and efficiently.
  • Executing various mining projects by entailing design, selection and provision of machines, facilities and systems for mining.
Designation Salary/ Month (INR) Work Exp. (Year) Click to Apply
Heavy Equipment Mechanic Jobs 25,000 – 30,000 0-1 Apply Now
Environmental Coordinator Jobs 30,000 – 35,000 2-3 Apply Now
Metallurgical Engineer Jobs 36,800 – 40,000 4-6 Apply Now
Mining Engineer Jobs 51,000 – 74,000 7-9 Apply Now
Mining Project Head Jobs 1,12,000 – 1,83,000 10-14 Apply Now

Job Roles in Geology

  • Monitoring and recording drilling activity and providing information to the drilling team.
  • Research and studying soil to evaluate its suitability for foundations.
  • Studying the physical aspects of the earth using a range of methods.
  • As a geologist; planning programmes for exploration of sites for oil, gas, water, minerals, etc
  • Analyzing geological information to identify sites that should be explored.
Designation Salary/ Month (INR) Work Exp. (Year) Click to Apply
Mud Logger Jobs 23,000 – 26,000 1-2 Apply Now
Geotechnical Engineer Jobs 37,000 – 41,000 3-4 Apply Now
Geophysicist Jobs 50,000 – 76,000 5-7 Apply Now
Geologist Jobs 75,000 – 1,00,000 8-9 Apply Now
Geoscientist Jobs 1,50,000 – 1,66,000 9-10 Apply Now

Job Roles in GIS

  • Responsible for making maps, customized Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications.
  • Analyzing spatial data through mapping software and designing digital maps with geographic data.
  • Responsible for researching, collecting, storing, evaluating and manipulating data. designing maps.
  • Developing GIS applications and tools and maintaining software programs to support the needs of the company.
  • Overseeing people which gather and map geographical information to be used for various purposes.
Designation Salary/ Month (INR) Work Exp. (Year) Click to Apply
GIS Technician Jobs 20,800 – 23,500 1-2 Apply Now
GIS Analyst Jobs 26,900 – 29,900 2-3 Apply Now
Cartographer Jobs 58,400 – 65,000 3-4 Apply Now
GIS Developer Jobs 65,400 – 69,500 5-6 Apply Now
GIS Project Manager Jobs 73,600 – 85,500 7-9 Apply Now

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