Latest Jobs in Banking & Other Financial Services at Gweka Consulting Services

Banking Industry and Other financial services include core banking, retail banking, private, corporate banking, investment banking, credit /debit cards, stock-broking, payment gateways, mutual funds, insurance covers which are regulated by IRDA.

Financial Services Job Roles

  • Preparing budgets and financial reports, offering advice on fiscal procedures, managing accounting records, and handling payments.
  • Maintaining distinct accounts such as discretionary and grant funding, and maintaining accurate financial records for tax-related purposes.
  • Overseeing, coordinating and administering the financial records, systems and processes and working on financial planning.
  • Evaluating and managing risk, ensuring compliance with regulations, publishing financial statements, overseeing accounting operations, and analyzing financial data.
  • Overseeing all financial activities, reporting on revenue, training accounting staff, budgeting, disbursing funds to departments, managing risk, implementing policies, and improving financial processes.
Designation Salary/ Month (INR) Work Exp. (Year) Click to Apply
Portfolio Manager Jobs 31,000 – 37,500 1-2 Apply Now
Audit Consultant Jobs 44,800 – 50,500 2-4 Apply Now
Wealth Manager Jobs 54,100 – 62,500 3-5 Apply Now
Financial Controller Jobs 55,000 – 62,000 6-8 Apply Now
Financial Director Jobs 2,00,000 – 3,50,000 8-10 Apply Now

Banking Job Roles

  • Receiving deposits and loan payments, cashing checks, issuing savings withdrawals, and recording night and mail deposits.
  • Supervise & Monitor Personal Banker and contract staff in terms of productivity & other issues.
  • Assisting in implementing change management in the Finance area through enhancements of reporting
    processes and structure.
  • Overseeing financial reporting, hire and train staff, and grow bank branch revenue with skills and knowledge.
  • Responsible for comprehensive compliance & satisfactory audit rating of each unit within the Hub.
Designation Salary/ Month (INR) Work Exp. (Year) Click to Apply
Banking Teller Jobs 25,000 – 30,000 1-2 Apply Now
PB Authoriser Jobs 33,000 – 47,500 2-4 Apply Now
Assistance Manager Jobs 50,000 – 69,000 4-7 Apply Now
Branch Manager Jobs 70,000 – 85,000 7-9 Apply Now
Zonal Head Jobs 1,25,000 – 1,70,000 9-12 Apply Now

Investment Job Roles

  • Raising capital through issuing securities, whether debt or equity.
  • Giving advice to clients about investing in securities such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.
  • Performing research and analyzing assets such as stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities.
  • Determining in which companies the investment should be made to attain higher returns.
  • Supervising teams and helping in both short and long-term investment plans, recommend investments and assign assets.
Designation Salary/ Month (INR) Work Exp. (Year) Click to Apply
Investment Banker Jobs 26,000 – 30,000 0-1 Apply Now
Investment Advisor Jobs 31,000 – 45,000 1-3 Apply Now
Investment Analyst Jobs 51,000 – 62,500 3-5 Apply Now
Venture Capital Analyst Jobs 87,500 – 1,25,000 5-8 Apply Now
Chief Investment Officer Jobs 2,50,000 – 4,16,000 10-15 Apply Now

Insurance Job Roles

  • Responsible for identifying and converting sales opportunities for various insurance plans.
  • Reviewing individual’s and company’s requirements before proposing pre-planned and tailor-made
    insurance plans.
  • Analyzing risk in various insurance proposals and determining policy terms.
  • Deciding how many insurance policies should be sold in a given time period and overseeing the progress for the same.
  • Meeting and exceeding sales targets by motivating insurance agents and junior managers within an assigned territory.
Designation Salary/ Month (INR) Work Exp. (Year) Click to Apply
Insurance Agent Jobs 20,000 – 25,000 0-1 Apply Now
Insurance Consultant Jobs 22,000 – 28,000 2-4 Apply Now
Insurance Underwriter Jobs 27,000 – 41,000 3-6 Apply Now
Insurance Sales Manager Jobs 50,000 – 70,000 5-7 Apply Now
Territory Sales Manager Jobs 60,000 – 80,000 8-9 Apply Now

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