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Facility management is a professional management discipline focused upon the efficient and effective delivery of support services for the organizations that it serves.

List of Major Profile, Desired Experience and Tentative Salaries Offered for this Industry in India-

Facility Management Industry and House Keeping Jobs in India

facility management jobs in bangalore

The growth of the industrial sector has caused a high demand for service providers as well as managers. With the increasing human resources and workload, organizations are now relying on facility management companies to get their soft services related work done. Industries, businesses, and organizations are referred to as facilities and the management of these facilities is termed as Facility Management. It can be broadly described as a profession that ensures efficiency, smooth functioning, productivity and safety of a particular environment or an organization.

A career in facility management in India may include carrying out operations, monitoring the efficiency of an organization, handling maintenance, performing emergency management, project or property management such as taking care of the real estate, lease or renovation, taking care of the workforce, housekeeping, cleaning, ensuring hospitality, providing security services, catering, support, and others. Facility Management has mainly been classified into two categories, Hard Facility Management and Soft Facility Management. While the former includes services such as security, operations, maintenance, landscaping, and engineering, the latter comprises cleaning and housekeeping, pesticides, catering, pesticides, laundry, parking, and other similar services.

Market Size and GDP Share of Facility Management Industry in India

The Facility Management market in India accounts for 3.2% GDP of the country. The present value of the market is INR 5 lakh Crores which is 10% of the total market in India. The annual growth rate of this market is expected to be somewhere between 20-25%.  It is anticipated that the Indian Facility Management Market will cross $100 billion by 2025.

Major Hub for Facility Management and Housekeeping Industry in India-

While the Facilities Management Sector has maintained a firm grasp throughout the country, Delhi and Mumbai serves as the major hub for Facility Management jobs in India. 

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Top 10 Companies in Facility Management and Housekeeping Industry in India

There has been significant growth in the facilities management sector in India in the last few years. Various Indian companies offer numerous job openings and opportunities in the facilities management sector. Below is the list of top 10 companies in India offering jobs in the Facility Management Sector.
Company Location
Updater Services (P) Limited (UDS Jobs) Chennai
BVG India Ltd. (BVG India Jobs) Mumbai
Compass Group Plc. (Compass Group Jobs) Gurgaon
Sanjay Maintenance Services (SMS Facility Jobs) Mumbai
Sodexo India (Sodexo Jobs) Mumbai
Quess Corp Ltd. (Quess Corp Jobs) Bhubaneshwar
G4S- India (G4S Jobs) Gurgaon
Topsgrup- Cheap Care (TCC Jobs) Mumbai
Pest Control India Pvt. Ltd.(Pest Control India Jobs) Ranchi
Knight Frank India Pvt. Ltd.(Knight Frank Jobs) Mumbai

Qualifications required and Major Job roles in Facility Management Industry

facility management jobs in chennai

The Facilities Management sector is relatively new and is still growing in India. One of the major jobs in the facility management sector is that of the Facility Manager that carries out varying functions such as executing operational efficiencies, supporting productivity, risk management, facilitating technical assistance and other such functions. Other job roles in Facility Management include Assistant Property Manager Jobs, Construction Manager Jobs, Energy Manager Jobs, Operations Manager Jobs/Engineer Jobs, Project Manager Jobs, Security Manager Jobs, and Space Planner Jobs. It is important to possess communication skills, emergency management skills, knowledge about finance and business, human factors, leadership, and project management skills to excel at your job in the facility management sector.

Graduates from any field can build a career in the facility management sector. However, there are certain courses that are specially designed for this sector. International Facility Management Association (IFMA), Kohinoor School of Facility Management, International Facility Management Institute, and Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) offer certified courses.

The following are the top 10 designations and average salary in India for the Facility Management sector in India-

Job role

Average Salary per Month (In INR)

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Regional Manager Jobs

80,000- 1,20,000

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Food and Hospitality Manager Jobs

20,000- 22,000

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Housekeeping Manager Jobs

25,000- 35,000

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Business Development Manager Jobs

30,000- 50,000

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Facility Manager Jobs

40,000- 50,000

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Safety Manager Jobs

50,000- 70,000

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Residency Manager Jobs

23,000- 25,000

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Senior Sales Manager Jobs

70,000- 80,000

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Operation’s Manager Jobs

30,000- 40,000

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Quality Manager Jobs

70,000- 80,000

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Source – Indeed

Please Note Salary Mentioned above are approximate average salary based on experience

Latest Trends and Upcoming in Facility Management and Housekeeping Industry in India-


The facility management sector has been largely impacted by the increasing corporate trend, technologies, efficiency pressures, and government regulations.

In the future, it is likely to be impacted by process improvement, cost containment, quality control, workplace management, and other factors.

Currently, large scale businesses and organizations are outsourcing their facility management tasks by specialized agencies as this reduces cost and improves productivity. Also, facility managers limit the liability or ownership of the business or organization.

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