Export and Import Jobs

Import/Export industry facilitates trades of goods and commodities between domestic and foreign companies. In other words, it’s a company that buys goods internationally and ships them in for domestic purchases and vice versa.

List of Major Profile, Desired Experience and Tentative Salaries Offered for this Industry in India-

Import and Export Industry in India

Import and Export jobs

The era of globalization has witnessed exponential growth in global trade. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of exports and imports of goods all over the world. India is a major exporter of agricultural products, minerals, chemicals, coffee, tea, engineering products etc. India exports items mainly to every major countries i.e. United States, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, and China. India imports goods in the iron and steel industry, petroleum and gas sector, machines, computers, turbojets and other necessary goods for the nation. A large number of manpower are required to maintain effective and smooth export and import of goods, to check the quality of commodities, their sourcing, pricing, researching and carrying out other functions. This Industry in India not only impacts the economy of the country but also acts as a major contributor to jobs in export and import sector in India by creating numerous job vacancies.

Slowly but gradually a large number of people are being inclined to this sector in India and are seeking jobs in import and export. Gweka Consulting Services assists you in forming a career in the Import Export Industry.

Import and Export Jobs in Delhi

Import and Export Industry Market Size and GDP Share in India

In 2017, the Economic Complexity Index (ECI) rated India as the 17th largest export economy and the 11th largest importer in the world and the GDP per capita had been recorded as $7.06K. In 2018, the trade of goods in India has led to a world growth of 0.6% and Country growth of 0.87%. Going by the specifics, here are a few points about the Indian Import & Export in India.


The total value of exports (FOB) and the total value of imports (CIF) is US$ 322,292 million and US$ 617,946 million respectively.


At the HS6 digit level, India exported 4,450 products to 222 countries and imported 4,343 products from 220 countries.


In 2019, India’s trade across border rank was 68 and the GDP share of Export of goods and services is 19.74%.

Major Hub of Import and Export Industry in India-

New Delhi and Maharashtra are the major hubs in India that provide job opportunities. These states are also home to leading export-import businesses and companies and provide various job opportunities in foreign trade.

Top 10 Companies of Import and Export Industry in India

India has been a leading exporter and importer of various goods and has immensely contributed to the foreign trade and economy. Some of the major Export-Import companies in India that provide high-earning jobs have been listed below.
Company                       Headquarters
Kalra Overseas (Kalra Overseas Jobs) Pune
 Jyoti Trading Corporation (Jyoti Trading Jobs) New Delhi
Reliance Industries (Reliance Industries Jobs) Mumbai
Bhabha Exports (Bhabha Exports Jobs) Gujarat
Aark Pharmaceuticals (Aark Pharma Jobs) New Delhi
Bharat Petroleum (Bharat Petroleum Jobs) Mumbai
Mahindra and Mahindra (Mahindra and Mahindra Jobs) Mumbai
Heritage India Exports (Heritage India Jobs) New Delhi
NKD Logistics Pvt. Ltd. (NKD Logistics Jobs). Kolkata
Aaroodra Global Logistics (Aaroodra Global Jobs) Tamil Nadu

Qualifications Required and Major Job Roles in Import and Export Industry in India

Import and Export Jobs in India

The job sector has become highly competitive today, businesses, as well as its employees, are in a constant rat race to succeed. Therefore, high qualification is a must for each field. If you want to get core profile job in the Export-Import Industry, it is crucial to have expert training in export-import management and execution. The executive or manager should be aware of the contemporary trends in global trade practice, its environment, factors responsible for its alteration as well as rules and regulations governing global trade practices. It is also important to possess communication skills and other soft skills to build a career in the Export-Import and Foreign Trade Industry. Also, the person must have a graduate degree or must have pursued diploma courses in export management. MBA/ PGDM from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi will be an add on advantage.

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The Major Job Roles in this industry include Export Marketing Manager Jobs, Freight Forwarder, Documentation Executive, Sea Freight Coordinator, Commercial Expert, Purchase Manager, and others. The average salaries for these job roles have been given below.


Average Salary Per month (in INR)

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Accounts Manager Jobs

20,000- 25,000

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Export-Import Executive Jobs

25,000- 30,000

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Import/Export Coordinator Jobs

18,000- 25,000

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Import-Export Manager Jobs

33,000- 45,000

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Import Manager Jobs

50,000- 65,000

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Business Operations Manager Jobs

20,000- 35,000

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Export Marketing Jobs

25,000- 35,000

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Accounts Executive Jobs

12,500- 18,000

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Shipping and Logistics Manager Jobs

40,000- 80,000

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Sea Export Manager Jobs

30,000- 70,000

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Source- Indeed

Latest Trends, Updates and Current Scenario of Import and Export Industry in India

As per a recent Economic Survey for 2019-2020, India is moving forward on a path to specialize manufacturing and export of computers, electrical equipment, road vehicles and other such products that enhance networking.  It is highly anticipated that by the year 2025, the export of network products will amount to $7 trillion worldwide which renders the possibility of contribution in the $5 trillion economy. This would eventually lead to 4 crore well-paid job vacancies by 2025 and this number may expand to 8 crore jobs by 2030.

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