Jobs for Assistants, Executives, Secretaries, and Coordinators at Gweka Consulting Services

Assistants, Executives, Secretaries, and Coordinators are important human assets for all organizations as they help to ease the day-to-day operations of the business. From multinational corporations to small firms and offices of a professional, there is a wide scope of jobs.

Assistant Job Roles

  • Performing daily administrative activities of office operations such as managing filing systems and Updating paperwork.
  • An executive assistant is responsible to act as a point of contact between the executives and internal or external colleagues.
  • Performing all the necessary tasks to support his/her boss such as scheduling meetings, managing clients, and attending phone calls.
  • Responsible for dealing with correspondence and phone calls. managing diaries and organizing meetings and appointments for the Managing Director.
  • Handling the administrative activities of the office and performing duties of an assistant.
DesignationSalary/ Month (INR)Work Exp. (Year)Click to Apply
Office Assistance Jobs14,200-17,000-1Apply Now
Executive Assistance Jobs20,000-24,0001-3Apply Now
Personal Assistance Jobs26,000-28,4002-3Apply Now
Assistance to MD Jobs29,000-36,0002-4Apply Now
Admin cum Assistance Jobs37,500-49,0003-6Apply Now

Secretary Job Roles

  • Conducting research, managing schedules, and providing effective administrative services.
  • Arranging and organizing travel, meetings, and itineraries, monitoring emails, and preparing communication material for the boss.
  • A medical secretary is responsible for maintaining insurance and medical records, typing medical documents, and scheduling medical meetings.
  • Typing and filing legal documents, preparing court forms, and carrying out legal research to support the boss.
  • Responsible for performing administrative activities in school, answering phone calls, and providing support to teachers and other staff members.
DesignationSalary/ Month (INR)Work Exp. (Year)Click to Apply
Executive Secretary Jobs26,000-30,0000-2Apply Now
Personal Secretary Jobs31,400-36,0001-3Apply Now
Medical Secretary Jobs35,700-42,0002-4Apply Now
Legal Secretary Jobs40,000-56,0002-5Apply Now
School Secretary Jobs46,000-60,1003-6Apply Now

Coordinator Job Roles

  • Placing orders for different types of office supplies and managing correspondence with service vendors.
  • Responsible for developing plans, drafting reports, tracking results, and coordinating & supporting all marketing strategies.
  • Ensuring the adequacy of sales-related material, communicating relevant information, and coordinating with other departments.
  • An event coordinator is responsible for organizing an event by performing duties such as electing venues, determining the cost, arranging event services.
  • Acting as a communication professional to develop and implement content for a variety of media platforms.
DesignationSalary/ Month (INR)Work Exp. (Year)Click to Apply
Office Coordinator Jobs14,170-18,000-2Apply Now
Marketing Coordinator Jobs20,000-25,0001-2Apply Now
Sales Coordinator Jobs23,500-30,002-4Apply Now
Event Coordinator Jobs30,000-39,8003-6Apply Now
Media Coordinator Jobs37,500-50,0004-7Apply Now

Front Desk Job Roles

  • Assisting guests with their different various requests such as transporting luggage, running errands, and making arrangements.
  • A room key clerk is responsible for issuing and receiving the keys to different rooms of a building.
  • Acting as the first point of contact for various clients and vendors with composure and friendliness.
  • Responsible for check-in, assigning rooms, helping guests complete registration cards, handling reservations.
  • A front desk auditor balances report from the previous shifts, checking front office accounting records for accuracy, and transferring charges and deposits to the main account.
DesignationSalary/ Month (INR)Work Exp. (Year)Click to Apply
Bell Attendant Jobs17,000-20,0000-2Apply Now
Room Key Clerk Jobs19,000-22,001-3Apply Now
Desk Clerk Jobs20,000-25,0002-4Apply Now
Front Desk Associate Jobs25,000-29,1003-5Apply Now
Front Desk Auditor Jobs30,000-35,0004-6Apply Now

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