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The decor industry deals with the decoration of homes. It is the art and science of making an internal and external space more attractive. Blinds, Furniture, textiles, and floor carpet and other covering products are key components of home decor.

List of Major Profile, Desired Experience and Tentative Salaries Offered for this Industry in India-


Gift, Toys, Decoration Items Industry in India

The décor industry in India is on a hype right now. Since India has one of the largest young population in India. This booming industry is edging with so many varieties of both traditional and modern décor, toys and what not?

Thanks to the new world of online users, where conventional décor is now moving to high-tech décor. From gift shops to toy shops, online consumer base is meeting all the needs for this industry growth in India.


The Market Size and GDP Share of Gift, Toys, Decoration Items Industry in India

India’s share is INR 4,000 Crore of the $90 billion (Rs 6.7 lakh crore) global toy market. Indian toys market is worth US$ 1.75 Billion in 2019. The gift and toys industry are looking forward to expect the Indian toys market to exhibit strong growth during 2020-2025.

On the other hand the global home decor market reached a value of US$ 630.4 Billion in 2019. Due to the developed and developing markets. India represents a great market for toys, décor and gift industry.  This industry contribute on an average 1.7 % of Gdp in Indian economic growth.

Major Hub of Consumer Durables and Electronics Industry Jobs

The Indian market both toy and décor industry is booming on a large scale. Few places which are hub for manufacturing toys are Delhi, Mumbai.  Noida, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh are quite a big name for décor industry.

Work Profiles in Consumer Durables and Electronic Industry Jobs


The increasing demand for toys to eye-catching décor plays a major factor in the growth of this industry. The demographics where most of the population in under 25 acts as a catalyst for growing Toys and gifts industry in India.

Any candidate who has an interest in turning any space into really comfy ambiance should go for the décor industry.  A bachelor degree in interior designing followed by a diploma in interior designing is a good way to start or else graduating with fine arts, design is also perfect.

For toy design there are plenty of courses any aspirant can pursue worthrough diploma, graduate and post graduate courses for the same. Skills are necessity more than any degree, basically you will learn game design, hard material design.

Top 10 work profiles for toys and décor industry in India are listed below-

Work profiles

Average salary per annum

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Toy designer

4, 20,000

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Production engineer

2, 30, 000  

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Senior executive


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Product manager

5, 47, 000

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Creative designer


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Texturing artists


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Revit architect


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Store manager


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Category manager


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Sources:  Indeed, Glassdoor                                  

Note: all the salaries are subjected to experience level and are approximate in amount.

Top 10 Toy, décor and gifts companies in India

With some top-notch profiles and variety of opportunities toys, décor and gift industry are best for starting a career. The average employment work force is considered to increase from 5% to 13% by Year 2022 in this industry.  As per national skilled developed corporation Indian décor and furniture industry would be needing at least 11.3 million skilled workers till 2023. The list of top décor and toy companies are listed below which offers huge opportunities for every job seeker, for further info connect with Gweka consulting services.
Companies Name Headquarters  
First Cry (First Cry Jobs) Pune
Funskool (Funskool Jobs) Tamil Nadu
Mega bloks (Mattle Jobs) Mumbai
Simba toys (Simba Jobs) Mumbai
Masoom playmates (Masoom Play Jobs) Uttar Pradesh
Chicco (Chicco India Jobs) Gurgaon
Home town (Praxis Jobs) Uttar Pradesh
Archies Limited (Archies Jobs) Delhi
Urban ladder (Urban Ladder Jobs) Uttar Pradesh
Hamleys (Hamleys Jobs) Mumbai

Upcoming Trends of Toys, gifts and décor Industry in India

Indian market is on the right path for career in Toys, Gift & Décor Industry with new trends i.e.-

  • Even the middle class population are contributing due to the stable economic growth in the region and their spending patterns which has shifted the products from battery toys to high tech robotic toys.
  • Online users have been pro-active these days due to the boom in digital world. So many platforms are emerging as an asset for sellers and companies and also for users in terms of finding the perfect toy, gifts or even home décor stuffs.

Size, colour and the aesthetics all in one go and one click.

You are in the right hands, want to explore more about décor, gifts and toys industry in India then do connect with GCS- GWeKa consulting services today for saving more time and less worrying.

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