Conglomerates and Group Companies

What are Conglomerates and Group Companies?


While businesses are making every possible move to make their first step, then there are also companies which are collaborating and making their first move as conglomerates and group companies. Not to forget, that if you have to go far you need to go together but if you want to go fast then you can go alone. Conglomerates which is a combination of two or more corporations in a single corporate structure. It’s a concept that has been proving profitable for many new startups and businesses- yes that’s correct profitable.

This process often diversifies business risk by participating in several different markets for examples in mining, elect to participate in a single industry. Large parent companies that are made up of various small entities that operate across multiple industries are spreading across the world.

Some great way of looking at it is a media conglomerate, they may start out owning several newspapers, then go on purchasing a television and radio stations. Same as a food conglomerate can get started by selling potato chips. In future, these company may decide to diversify like buying a soda pop company, and then move on by expanding and purchasing other companies that make different food products. This is how the process works.

Major Hub of Some Conglomerates Companies in India


Indian rubber processing chemicals and the plastic market was at $ 288 million in 2017 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% to reach $ 443 million by 2023, prevailing on the back of growing tyre manufacturing as a base in the country. 
The key factors to such a strong growth in the country’s industrial and automotive sectors, is due to the declining raw material prices and favourable government initiatives to support rubber production. The growing investments in production facilities of rubber processing chemicals are also included in the key factor.

Major Hub of Plastic, Rubber and Chemical IndustryJobs

As per the latest corporate affairs ministry research, India has 11.89 lakh active companies as on 30 June which is pretty big in numbers. So, when we talk about the conglomerate’s companies in India, we can always start with places like Delhi and Mumbai. Since companies owned by conglomerates have access to all internal capital, they have more control over things to grow their company more decently. Cities like Kolkata, Pune and Chennai are established cities where many huge companies have come out as a great example of conglomeration introducing companies like Bajaj, Lalbhai, Wadia, Murugappa etc. 
These places are popular for running a successful conglomerate company. Below is the list that we have prepared for the top 20 companies list in this field.

Top 20 Chairman working so far in Conglomerate Industry

Behind every successful company, there is a great mind. Every company has it’s process, so do these conglomerate companies. Starting from strategizing every rule and reinforcing the efforts on bringing more quality product on the table. One of the greatest examples in India is of Tata Group which is India’s largest conglomerate, with about 30 public listed companies with a market value estimated to be around $130 billion. This shows the importance and ideologies of Ratan Tata being a great thought leader and a perfect chairman.

Companies Name Chairman names 
Tata Group Ratan Tata
Reliance Industries Mukesh Ambani
State bank of India Rajnish Kumar
Godrej Group Adi Godrej
Wipro Rishad Premji
Infosys N.R. Narayan murthy
Adani group Gautam Adani
Mahindra group Anand Mahindra
Bharti enterprises Sunil Bhartimittal
IDEA cellular limited Kumar Mangalam Birla
Bajaj Group Rahul Bajaj
LIC MR Kumar
State bank of India Rajnish Kumar
Oil and natural gas Corporation ltd. Shashishanker
Larsen and Toubro ltd. Anil Manibhai Naik
Indian oil Corporation India Shrikant Madhav Vaidya
HCL Technology India Shiv Nadar
Mahindra limited Mr. Anand Mahindra
ICICI Bank Limited Sandeep Bhakshi
HDFC Bank limited Deepak Parekh

Upcoming Trends in Conglomerate Industry in India

The investors and leaders are making some great choices and becoming more skeptical about the future, and the ongoing trends in the conglomerate industry market in India, these trends are going to change everyone’s mind.

  • Some great Nation-building policies like – “Make in India” are tends to support homegrown industries that are the key element for conglomerate industries. These industries have benefitted while filling the loopholes of government tackling large infrastructure, financing where the government cannot do.
  • Smaller companies are gaining greater access to capital, and workers have many more choices than they previously did, especially at the entry-level. Finally, technology disruption is bringing more and more changes in this market.

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