Brewery and Distillery Jobs

Brewery industry is concerned with production, packaging, and selling of beer. And, Distillery industry is engaged in clarifying, flavoring, blending and aging alcohol to make alcoholic beverages.

List of Major Profile, Desired Experience and Tentative Salaries Offered for this Industry in India-

Tobacco, Alcohol and Spirit Industry in India Industry Brief

The consumption of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages, even though morally questioned, is not considered illegal in India. Tobacco products such as cigarettes, bidis, cigar, chewing tobacco, hookah, chillum, paan, gutka, supari, and liquor commonly known as Madira have been a part of Indian culture since ancient times. The alcohol industry in India is mainly divided into five categories, namely, IMIL (Indian made Indian Liquor), IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor), beer, wine, and imported alcohol. As per a report, the total number of people consuming tobacco products in India is 266.8 million and consuming alcohol in India is around 16 Crore. To produce tobacco substances and alcohol for such a huge population, a huge workforce is required. Therefore, one can find plenty of jobs in the tobacco and alcohol industry in India with the help of Gweka Consulting Services (GCS).

Market Size of Tobacco and Alcohol Industry in India


The tobacco industry is one of the major contributors to the Indian economy, owing to its production, employment opportunities provided by it and the taxes levied by the government on its production. As per statistics, tax revenue of approximately 348 billion rupees was generated through cigarettes in the fiscal year 2019. The tobacco sector contributes rupees 11,79,498 Crore to the Indian Economy. Furthermore, 4.57 Crore people have employment opportunities in the tobacco sector.

In addition to this, India is also one of the fastest-growing alcohol markets in the world. The per capita consumption of spirits and beer is growing at a five-year compounded annual growth rate of 6% and 8% respectively. The revenue generated by the alcohol industry market in India is US $52,275 million with an expected annual growth of 6.8%.

Major Hub for Tobacco and Alcohol Industry in India

Tobacco is grown in 13 states in India, with Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka being the largest producers of tobacco products. The states with the highest alcohol consumption in India include Chhattisgarh, Punjab, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, and Goa. These states serve as the major hub for job opportunities in pub & bars for chefs and Bar Tender in India.

Top 10 Companies in Tobacco and Alcohol Industry in India



India is the second-largest producer of tobacco products in the world. Therefore, there are several bigshot companies in India that offer jobs in the tobacco and liquor industry.

Gweka Consulting Services (GCS) helps you secure a core profile job in the tobacco and alcohol industry by compiling a list of companies and several job openings. Below is the list of top 10 companies providing a career in Tobacco and liquor sector in India.

Qualifications and Major Job Roles of Tobacco and Alcohol Industry in India

There are also plenty of job opportunities in a tobacco plant or job in an alcohol distillery ranging from tobacco workers to inspectors, managers, promoters, packagers, marketing managers, quality assistants and other such jobs in the tobacco and alcohol industry in India.

If you want to join as a worker in a tobacco products manufacturing factory, no specific qualifications are required. A high school diploma is sufficient. However, to operate the machines in the plant, it is beneficial to possess the management, scientific, and technical qualifications. Jobs in the liquor industry may include logistics, finance, distribution, hospitality, and retail.

Top 10 designations and average salary in India for the tobacco and alcohol industry have been mentioned below.

Job Role
Average Salary in INR (per month)
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Field Coordinator Jobs (Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine, TCV Product)
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Executive Assistant Jobs
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Tobacco Board Jobs
9,300 – 34,800
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Procurement Manager in Tobacco Jobs
40,000 – 80,000
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Catalog Quality Associate Jobs
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Boiler Operator/Turbine Operator Jobs
17,000- 23,000
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Sales Manager Jobs (For Premium Spirit Brand)
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Liquor Brand Promotional Executive Jobs
18,750 – 20,800
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Marketing Manager Jobs
37,500 – 41,700
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Commodity Purchase Manager Jobs
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Source- Indeed


Upcoming Trends

It is believed that the consumption of tobacco products such as e-cigarettes, hookahs will rise significantly in the upcoming years due to rapid modernization and peer pressure. The production of cigarettes will be reduced and more smokeless tobacco products or non-cigarette ones such as e-cigarettes will be manufactured.

The consumption of branded alcohol is also likely to increase along with the increase in the number of people consuming alcohol, the majority of which will be youngsters. It is also expected that there will be plenty of job openings in the tobacco and alcohol industry like that of a bartender, wine taster, and many others.

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