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Companies in textile industry are primarily involved in designing, production, and selling of clothes and other textile products. Textile is a fabric that’s knitted or woven and made from yarn.

List of Major Profile, Desired Experience and Tentative Salaries Offered for this Industry in India-

Textile & Garment Industry Scenario in India

The textile industry is the only sector that occupies a unique place in our country. This ancient sector has now turned into a vast industry. Being the second-largest employment generator after agriculture industry textile and garment industry offer a lot of job opportunity in Indian market. Improving the quality of lives and being the part of the basic needs of people, textile industry holds an important place in Indian’s economy. Textile industry has benefitted urban as well as rural sector, particularly into women employment creation.

The Market Size and GDP Share of Textile & Garment Industry in India

Textile and garment industries are as old as human evolution. The market is currently estimated at around US$ 150 billion and is expected to reach US$ 250 billion by 2019 and has contributed 7% of the industry output (in value terms) in (2018-19). It contributed 2% to the GDP and contributed 15 % to the export earnings of India in 2018-19. Since the Indian textile industry can produce a wide variety of products from handmade purses to fashion accessories and ethnic garments it create a lot of job opportunity.

Major Hub of Textile and Garment Industry in India

Textile and garment industries have witnessed a squirt of investments since the last few years and then resulted in various places that are known as the hub of Indian textile industries. Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh are the hub of this sector. 

Top 10 Job Profiles in Textile & Garment Industries in India

Opening the doors for the individuals who want to enter this vast industry need to be 10+2 and a degree in Bachelors of textile industry technology or B.Tech in the textile industry will be good to start a career in garment industry. A 4-year undergraduate degree is quite enough for all the job seekers out there. 

The list of job roles in textile & garment industries is provided below. Consult Gweka Consulting Services for a better understanding of your choices.

Work profilesAverage salary per annumClick here to apply
Textile Engineer Jobs3,13,200Apply Now
Merchandizer Jobs2,30,000Apply Now
Senior Textile Designer Jobs2,12,260Apply Now
Processing Manager Jobs3,21,100Apply Now
Assistant Engineer Textile Production Jobs3,31,000Apply Now
Junior Merchandizer Jobs5,01,100Apply Now
Textile Garment Marketing Manager Jobs6,06,110Apply Now
Supervisor Jobs3,50,061Apply Now
Product Developer Jobs7,20,201Apply Now
Production Manager Jobs2,76,501Apply Now

 Sources: payscale, Indeed

Note: all the salaries are subjected to experience level and are approximate in amount.

Top 10 Textile & Garment Industry Companies in India for Jobs

There has been quite a positive shift in textile industries from quantity to top-notch quality. Today’s scenario in these industries have changed and they do require some great individuals with technical skills since the management prefer MIS reports nowadays.  India Employing more than 45 million in textiles sector including 35.22 lakh handloom workers. The list of top 10 companies in Indian textile and garment industries in India-
Companies Name Headquarters
 Reliance Retail (Reliance Trends Jobs) Gurgaon
Fabindia Overseas Pvt Ltd (Fabindia Overseas Jobs) New Delhi
The Lakshmi Mills Company Ltd (The Lakshmi Mills Jobs) Tamil nadu
Vardhman Textiles Ltd (Vardhman Textiles Jobs) Gurugram
Bombay dyeing (Bombay Dyeing Jobs) Mumbai
Bombay Rayon Fashions Ltd (Bombay Rayon Jobs) Mumbai
Grasim Industries Ltd (Grasim Jobs) Hyderabad
JCT Ltd (JCT Jobs) New Delhi
Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation Ltd (Karnataka Silk Jobs) Bengaluru
Arvind Ltd (Arvind Limited Jobs) Delhi

Upcoming Trends in Textile & Garment Industry Jobs in India

In the near future, India can change the game in terms of the textile and apparel sector, from manufacturing to marketing. Coming days will be the real test for textile industries due to the advancement in consumer’s needs.

  • Textile in technology is quite hard to resonate with but yes, this is going to be an inclusion in which the customers where after an order is placed on screen via the technology, they can try their sample then and their only using 3D view.
  • Use of some new materials likesustainable polyester threads and also environment-friendly organic fabric will rule the industry, giving every possible personal experience to all the consumers.

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