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The telecom industry incorporates companies that transmit data in words, voice, audio, or video across the globe. And, ISP (Internet Service Providers) is a sub segment of Telecom industry.

List of Major Profile, Desired Experience and Tentative Salaries Offered for this Industry in India-

Mobile, Telecom, ISP Industry Jobs in India

The Indian telecom industry has brought some transformational changes in all aspects. It has helped in narrowing down and filling every gap between rural-urban digital divisions to some extent. Whether it’s educating masses about the new rules, regulations or making rural folks aware of the e-programs.

This is the only industry that has grown over 20 times in just 10 years that means on an average 200 % growth every year. This industry has experienced rapid growth since the 1990s which means a lot of telecom jobs, mobile jobs or Internet service provider (ISP) jobs.

The Market Size and GDP Share of Mobile, Telecom & ISP Industry in India

No surprise, India is the world’s second-largest telecommunication market in the world. It has a subscriber base of 1.25 Billion which is still growing rapidly. The telecom and ISP industry’s contribution to GDP will reach 8.2% by 2020, where 5G technologies would be leveraged to connect with global markets based on a survey done in year 2018-19.

The internet subscribers in India increased at a CAGR of 45.74 % during FY 06 – FY 19 and reached 665.31 million in June 2019.

No. Of The Workforce in Mobile, Telecom, ISP Industry in India

For sure mobile, telecom industry is a gateway to many job seekers who are willing to join this wide network. Talking about the GSMA estimates “the contribution of Indian telecom sector will be ₹14.5 lakh crore (US$200 billion) to the economy” which in turn will support 3 million direct jobs and 2 million indirect jobs by 2020.

A Major Hub of Telecom, ISP Industry

No one can deny the fact that New Delhi is the biggest hub of Telecom industry in India. With the largest telecom operator base of 331.3 million, it provides 100% reliability for all the job seekers in the telecom industry.

Work Profiles and Average Salary in Mobile, Telecom, ISP Industry in India

For pursuing a career in the telecom industry core profile job, a bachelor degree in telecommunication engineering technology or electronics is a must. Some programs that have been approved by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology can be useful and for further info consult GCS .
Businessman working digital tablet, with double exposure panoramic cityscape and telecommunication towers in sunrise

Below is the list of top 10 work profiles for telecom jobs in India with Average Salary. Let your journey start with a single click.

Work ProfilesAverage per Annum Salary (INR)Click to Apply
Telecom Researcher Jobs5,62,800Apply Now
Field Manager Jobs6,52,000Apply Now
Hardware Designer Jobs5,80,000Apply Now
Electronic Designer Jobs4,62,000Apply Now
Network Designer Jobs3,74,400Apply Now
Product Manager Jobs15,93,000Apply Now
Radio Frequency Engineer Jobs4,82,000Apply Now
Human resource Jobs4,42,000Apply Now
Network Manager Jobs10,376,880Apply Now
Marketing manager9,60,000Apply Now

Sources:  pay scaleindeedglass door

Note: All the salaries are subjected to experience level and are approximate in amount.

Top 10 Companies in Mobile, Telecom, ISP Industry in India

Telecom industry is quite competitive as per the growing demands and services. The changing consumer base is also a golden opportunity for every job seeker.

Here is the list of top 10  telecom companies in India which offer a lot of Jobs in Mobile, Telecom, ISP industry in India.

Company NameHead Office
Idea (Idea Jobs)Mumbai
Vodafone India (Vodafone Jobs)Mumbai
Reliance communication (Reliance Jobs)Kopar Kharaine
Reliance Jio (Jio Jobs)Navi Mumbai
Telenor India (Telenor Jobs)Gurgaon
MTNL (MTNL Govt. Company)New Delhi
Aircel (Aircel Jobs)Gurgaon
Tata Teleservices (Tata Teleservices Jobs)New Delhi
Airtel (Airtel Jobs)Delhi (NCR)
BSNL (BSNL Govt. Company)New Delhi

Current Scenario and Latest Trend of Mobile, Telecom, ISP industry in India.

We can see both the sides of the telecom industry in the upcoming years, as per industries expert it can open doors to many opportunities but also accelerate the rate of competitiveness.

  • Security and privacy will be more secured. The growing incidents related to cyber securities and hacking needs an end with a holistic approach where encryption transition would be the hero and savior.
  • Wireless data will be on a rise in the coming years. Since companies are moving faster while generating gazillions of information from mobile devices, wearable’s etc. 
  • Robotic automation is on the go. Telecom industry has the highest rates of adapting RAP technology that can act as a jack of all cards. It will handle operations, price tracking while increasing the efficiency in every aspect.

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