Pulp and Paper

This Industry comprises of companies focused in manufacturing of pulp, paper, paperboard, and other cellulose-based products from wood or recycled fiber. 

List of Major Profile, Desired Experience and Tentative Salaries Offered for this Industry in India-

Wood, Pulp and Paper Industry Scenario in India

Paper production in India contributes in printing, packaging materials & Cartoon Boxes. Wherein, Wood is majorly used for Furniture Production i.e. solid wooden, plywood and other interior requirements. Due to this, India saw Growth in manufacturing and furniture production House. Most of the paper mills are present here through ancient times and are now merging with new technologies in these modern times to bring out the best in every product that comes out in the market.

Plywood is manufactured by combining thin layers of wood coating bonded together using strong cohesive, the production of plywood has increased by 25% approximately since last few years which will generate more jobs in wood industry. 

The Market Size and GDP Share of Wood, Pulp and Paper Industry in India

The key drivers in this sector is the increasing demand for wood pulp from paper industry, rising consumer demand and growth in trading of wood pulp products. The wood pulp and paper market is expected to have a growth CAGR of 2.1% during (2020-25).

The evaluated turnover of paper industry is INR 70,000 crore (domestic market size of INR 80,000 crores) as per Indian Paper Manufacturers Association (IPMA).

Major Hub of Wood, Pulp and Paper Industry in India

India is the fastest growing market for paper production and holds approx. 4% of world’s production of paper. The major hub location for this industry are Tamil Nadu, UP & Delhi on the list which have a lot of paper mills and wood production houses. Cities like Hyderabad and Gujarat are also in the follow up.

Job Profiles in Wood and Paper Industries in India

Paper engineering is a skill needed in wood and paper industry. Even for plywood and solid wood industry studying design and using cutting machines are big skill.

An under graduation degree in engineering along with paper engineering specialization is perfect to enter in this industry. Indian Plywood research industries introduces diploma courses and training for people interested in this field located in banaglore.

 The list of job roles in wood, pulp and paper industries are listed.

Work ProfilesAverage Salary per Annum (INR)Click Here To Apply
Wood workers Jobs1,83,434Apply Now
Machine settlers Jobs4,80,000Apply Now
Carpenters Jobs2,64,000Apply Now
Technical service manager Jobs2,10,445Apply Now
Finishing carpenter Jobs2,64,000Apply Now
Senior manager Jobs7,98,000Apply Now
Machine operator Jobs4,94,510Apply Now
Production manager Jobs4,00,000Apply Now
Marketing manager Jobs2,26,200Apply Now
Packaging engineer Jobs3,76,500Apply Now

Sources: Glass door, Indeed

Note: All the salaries are subjected to experience level and are approximate in amount.

Top 10 wood, pulp and paper companies in India

Since, the consumption of paper and wood based products are rapidly increasing so is the requirement for skilled workers and individuals. Indian wood and paper industry is expected to reach a value of US$ 5.7 Billion by 2024. The industry provides direct employment to 5,00,000 persons, and indirectly to around 1.5 million and this number is going to increase in future years. Consult GCS- Gweka Consulting Services for more information and the top 10 companies in wood, paper and plywood industry in India are given below for your reference-
Companies Name Headquarters
Century Plywood (Century Plywood Jobs) Kolkata
Greenply Industries (Greenply Jobs) Delhi
Oriental Veneer (Oriental Veneer Jobs) Mumbai
Duroply Industry (Duroply Jobs) Delhi
Bloom Dekor (Bloom Dekor Jobs) Ahmedabad
Tamil Newsprint and Paper Ltd. (Tamil News print Jobs) Tamil Nadu
Jk Paper (JK Paper Jobs) New Delhi
West Coast Paper (West Coast Paper Jobs) New Delhi
Emami Paper (Emami Paper Jobs) Kolkata
Andhra Paper (Andhra Paper Jobs) Hyderabad

Upcoming Trends in Wood, Pulp and Paper Industry in India

The increasing domestic demand at a rapid pace that rose from 9.4 million tones in FY08 to 15.4 million tones in FY16 is astonishing. Exponential growth in this industry will bring a lot of job openings in wood and pulp industry.

These upcoming trends will be driving force in future years.

  • Focusing on segments like coated fine paper and container boards can increase demand and opportunities in wood and paper industry.
  • New demands in solid wood furniture, HD graphic wall papers, packaging material and tissues papers driven by demographic and consumer trends. For e.g. replacing the plastic package waste to fiber packaged waste due to the growing concerns of consumer.
  • Factors such as increasing demand for plywood and laminates in various companies and growth in the construction & furniture industry are for seen to promote the growth of the India plywood and laminate market.

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