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Printing and packaging industry is all about designing, printing, and packaging of the content in order to make it presentable, attractive, and market friendly.

List of Major Profile, Desired Experience and Tentative Salaries Offered for this Industry in India-

Printing and Packaging Industry Scenario in India

Since 1989, printing is a means of communication for so many people. The reproduction of written material images distributed in millions as a copy is part of printing industry. The growing interest of people in the printing and packaging industry is bringing all sections of society close. The spread of education and literacy growth also contributes to the printing and packaging industry. The readership of newspapers and magazines is constantly growing by 15% since 1998 to 180 million.

The Market Size and GDP Share of Printing, Packaging Industry in India

The daily source of communication, entertainment and packaging material for e-commerce is the reason the printing and packaging industry is estimated is expected to go up to over 370 billion rupees by 2022, indicating a compound annual growth of 1 %. Since publishing businesses are scattered all over India which often leads to thousands of readership now turning into lakhs.

Major Hub of Printing and Packaging Industry

From the big metropolitan cities where people are always eager to learn i.e. Mumbai, Delhi to cities where exports took place like Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata are also known as the hub of printing and packaging industry in India.

Job Profiles in Printing, Packaging Industry in India

The top printing and packaging companies in India need qualified professionals for their future needs and the trends in the printing and packaging industry. A 3-year diploma level course in printing technology is enough to be eligible for entering this industry.

The list of job roles in printing and packaging industry is provided below. You can also consult Gweka Consulting Services for a better understanding of your choices. 

Work profiles

Average salary per annum

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Packaging Development Executive Jobs


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Machine Operator Jobs


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Printing Manager Jobs


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Printing Supervisor Jobs


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Packaging Engineer Jobs


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Digital Printing Designer Jobs


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Offset Printing Machine Operator Jobs


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Sources: Glass door, Indeed

 Note: All the salaries are subjected to experience level and are approximate in amount.

Top 10 Printing and Packaging Companies in India

Although the growth of Indian print market is pretty fast and is going through some revolutionary changes. The new age digitalization is making things easier resulting in more and more employment rates.

Currently providing more than 40,000 jobs all across the country and 1.5 million jobs indirectly are itself a great win.

We at GCS helps you to get closer to your goals and we have also listed the best players and firms below.

Companies NameHeadquarters
Orient Press Ltd (Orient Press Jobs)Mumbai
International Print O Pac Ltd (International Print O Pac Jobs)Uttar Pradesh
Parksons Graphics Pvt Ltd (Parksons Graphics Jobs)Mumbai
Replika Press Pvt Ltd (Replika Press Jobs)Haryana
Srinivas Fine Arts Pvt Ltd (Srinivas Fine Arts Jobs)Bengaluru
Flexituff Ventures International Ltd (Flexituff Ventures International Jobs)New Delhi
TCPL Packaging Ltd (TCPL Packaging Jobs)Mumbai
Time Technoplast Ltd (Time Tenchnoplast Jobs)Mumbai
Uflex Ltd (Uflex Jobs)Noida
Jindal Poly Films Ltd (Jindal Poly Films Jobs)New Delhi

Upcoming Trends in Printing and Packaging Industry in India

Since, packaging is the fifth largest sector in India’s economy and also one of the highest growth sectors in India which makes the future of the printing and packaging industry quite smooth.

  • Adapting Innovation: From 3D printing to IoT technology adaptation will be great for printing companies. Virtual printing and 3D printing are going to boom in the coming years.
  • Personalized Packaging: It will be more appreciated by the large consumer base, often allows individuals to feel the vibe of their favourite brand and their products. If the product connects with the people on an individual level it’s hard to forget that brand.
  • Transparency: How transparent your product story is to your consumers will be the biggest trend in coming years, being completely honest about your products and what’s in there for your consumers is a great move. Smart and clean labels are going to wipe all the extra false products from the market because people need help and value, not false promises.

Want to explore more in the printing and packaging world then do connect with GCS- GWeKa consulting services today for a bright future.

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