Paint, Art and Craft Jobs

This industry mainly deals into Paint, Art and Handmade Craft which include statues, scenery household pots and artificial beads related items. This sector play a major role into GWeKa for rural people especially MSME firms.  

List of Major Profile, Desired Experience and Tentative Salaries Offered for this Industry in India-

It Jobs in Delhi​
(in Years)
( in lakhs)
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Art & Craft Teacher Jobs 3.0 3.5 Apply Now
Paint – Prep Artist Jobs 2.5 4.5 Apply Now
Painter Jobs 5.0 7.0 Apply Now
2D Character Artist Jobs 2.0 3.0 Apply Now
Shilpkar Jobs 3.0 3.5 Apply Now
Wood Designer Jobs 2.0 4.0 Apply Now
Mud Designer Jobs 1.0 2.5 Apply Now
Machine Operator Jobs 1.0 2.0 Apply Now
Technician Jobs 2.0 3.0 Apply Now
Marketing Executive Jobs 1.0 2.5 Apply Now

Paint, Art and Craft Industry Jobs Scenario in India

Indian heritage and ancient culture are restoring the modern way of living. The reunion of ancient arts and crafts is the realization of Indian’s intellectual and aesthetic properties. Today’s artisans have it all they need, the main leverage in paint and art industry is for those artisans who are still facing struggles against the modern cheap art. India’s Art and Craft is Creating job opportunities in small villages. Village and small town businessman can avail a lot of benefits under govt. of India Gram Udyog and MSME certification to upgrade their business.

The Market Size and GDP Share of Paint, Art and Craft Industry in India

The new way of presenting India’s artwork and sculptures had played a strong foundation. India’s art market is estimated to have been at around Rs14.6 billion (Rs1,460 crore) in 2017, a FICCI-KPMG report says. With the continuous growth of 20% Year on Year, India’s contribution is 1.2% in the world market in art and craft industry.

Major Hub of Paint, Art and Craft Industry Jobs in India

India being such an artistic country that has nearly 3000 unique arts and crafts and is the Centre for ancient crafts and arts, there are few hubs of art and paintings in India like Rajasthan for old and symbolizing art, Sikkim for Wood and Bamboo Arts, Haryana for ancient painting and art.

Also southern belt of India is famous for solid wood and stone statues.

Top 10 Job Profiles in Paint, Art and Craft Industry in India

Indian richness in arts exhibits diversified products and handicrafts giving potential employment to all deserving artisans. Any creative individual who wants to pour his creativity all in this sector should have a Diploma in fine arts or applied art and crafts course for 2 years and a creative mind. They do need experts who understands the real value of art and present them as per people’s need and apply for the respective job roles in art and craft industry.

The list of job roles in paint, art and craft industries is provided below. Consult GCS Gweka Consulting Services for a better understanding of your choices.

Work profiles

Average Salary per Annum (INR)

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Artist Jobs


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Product designers Jobs  


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Commercial artist Jobs


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Art and craft coordinator Jobs 


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Painter Jobs


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Art directors Jobs


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Archivists Jobs


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Metal workers Jobs


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Fine artists Jobs


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Fine-art painters Jobs 


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Sources: payscale , Indeed

Note: All the salaries are subjected to experience level and are approximate in amount.

Top 10 Paint, Art and Craft Industry Companies in India

The Indian handicrafts and art industry is fragmented since the employment force is up to 7 million regional artisans across India. The largest employment generator sector where more and more private artists are coming forward to collaborate with traditional artists and increase the value of every product from its design, utility to its packaging.

 Below is the list of top 10 companies in art and craft industry who create millions of jobs in India. For more info contact GCS- Gweka Consulting Services, we are always there for you.

Companies NameHeadquarters 
Artisticks (Artisticks Jobs)Chennai
Giftstyle India (Giftstyle India Jobs)Uttar Pradesh
Kalakriti India (Kalakriti India Jobs)Hyderabad
Fanusta Global (Fanusta Global Jobs)Jaipur
Soulful Strokes Studio (Soulful Strokes Jobs)Gurgaon
Direct Create (Direct Create Jobs)Delhi
Dan Artworks India (Dan Artworks India Jobs)Delhi
Inmark Exports Private Limited (Inmark Exports Jobs)Noida
The Living Walls (The Living Walls Jobs)Bengaluru
Laaj International (Laaj International Jobs)Delhi

Upcoming Trends in Paint, Art and Craft Industry Jobs in India

Customer expectations changing dynamics of art and paint industries. Manufacturing tools and new trends are going to lead this industry in the near future.

  • Export will be the reason for growth, building relationships that can result in a hassle-free export system eventually leading to long term business development. From pricing policy to packaging and choosing the distribution channels will result in more employment in art and paint industry in the coming future.
  • Building a brand image whether it’s the artist or the artisans, using social media and attracting more eyeballs. Conducting roadshows, craft festivals would be an easy way to globalize the thought of art and craft culture across masses.
  • The demand pattern in international markets revolves around quality goods. The government initiatives like Market Development Assistance (MDA) Grant and Market Access Initiative (MAI) will result in high employment rates, more quality artwork at affordable price rates.

Want to explore more in Art and paint sector jobs then do connect with GCS- GWeKa consulting services today.

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