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Online Communication is all about the kind of job roles that wholly look after the communication between business house and targeted audience over digital platforms. Strategies here all depend on the way audiences interact with brands online. Online Social Media Platforms and Matrimony Websites are key players in this sector.

List of Major Profile, Desired Experience and Tentative Salaries Offered for this Industry in India-


Online Communication and Social Media Scenario in India

Communication is an art whether it was talking over the landline or in-person and now on different mobile apps. Being such a diversified sector there’s no doubt the channels of communication have tremendously changed a lot. Some popular ways of communicating over the internet include emails, blogs, article, social media, chat room, chat-bot, contact forms and many more on to go. Be it finding a groom and texting that unknown person whom you wanted to talk or just chatting with your old friend, you are just a click away with online communication and social media platforms. Today in the era of digitalization, world is flat and we can connect with anyone in fractions of seconds.


The Market Size of Online Communication and Social Media Industry in India

Indian internet users have grown up to 560 million internet subscribers and is predicted to double the number of smartphones to between 650 million – 700 million by 2023, reported by Reliance Jio. Online communication is now a prominent tool for any business as well as every individual. Digital and online communication service industry will grow at rate of 8-10 % every year. Business webinar, social media and e-commerce usage track a similar growth in India and accounts for 15% to 20% of online retail in India, creating a market worth $70 Billions in Future. E commerce is directly influenced by social media and online communication, which will also have bright future in coming years. 


Major Hub of Online Communication and Social Media companies in India

Since Indian communication consists of two major components IT services and software technology parks which makes a complete hub for online communication world. Places like Kochi, Kerala, Bengaluru and Cochin own the tag of the hub for jobs in Social Media and online communication industry.

Top 10 Job Profiles in Online Communication and Social Media Industries in India

The fair amount of chatting sites, online webinars and e-mail platforms are leading this industry to a blooming stage. For anyone who wants a job in social media or online communication world then he or she can either apply for courses like Diploma in Social Media Marketing, PG Diploma in Social Media Marketing, Social Media Marketing (Informal) training program.

The list of top 10 job roles in online communication and social media industries is provided below. Consult GCS- Gweka Consulting Services for a better understanding of your choices.

Work ProfilesAverage Salary per Annum (INR)Click here to apply
Business executive Jobs7,13,200Apply Now
Brand manager Jobs1,20,000Apply Now
Engagement Coordinator Jobs8,12,260Apply Now
Community Manager Jobs3,21,100Apply Now
Content Strategist Jobs6,31,000Apply Now
Interactive Media Manager Jobs5,01,100Apply Now
Digital and Social Media Manager Jobs5,02,110Apply Now
Social media analyst Jobs3,50,069Apply Now
Strategist Jobs3,20,201Apply Now
Creative director Jobs22,76,501Apply Now

Sources: glassdoor , Indeed

Note: All the salaries are subjected to experience level and are approximate in amount.

Top 10 Social Media, Online Communication and Chatbot Companies in India

Since India has doubled its workforce rates in the online world due to the inclusion of trends like AI. In the Chabot industry, more than 72,000 people are employed. The number of fresher’s and newbies joining this industry was 6,000 in 2019 which has increased now.

Below is the list of top 10 companies in social media and online companies in India. For more info contact GCS – Gweka Consulting Services, we are always there for you.

Companies Name


Zoom Us (Zoom US Jobs)


Solveda (Solveda Jobs)


Tinder (Match Group Jobs)

New Delhi 

ThirdEye Data (Third Eye Data Jobs)

West Bengal 

Day One Technologies (Day One Technology Jobs)


Whatsapp (Whatsapp Jobs)


Jiochat (Jio Chat Jobs)


Linkedin Jobs (Linkedin Jobs)


Viber (Viber Jobs)


Facebook Messenger (Facebook Jobs)


Upcoming Trends in Online Communication and Social Media Industry in India

In today’s world, your online presence is your kind of real existence for your business or even for your own identity but no one can ignore the trends, here are few listed below.

  • Chatbots will be Dominating in Future: AI or virtual software is ahead in terms of really knowing the customers in and out. The intelligent Chatbots will make it easy for user to give information and interact online.
  • Interactive Content will Win: Whether it’s polling, quizzes augmented reality check-ups or 360-degree videos tours. People are going to have great experiences which will leverage the cutting edge marketing technology.

Want to explore more in online communication and social media jobs then do connect with GCS- GWeKa consulting services today.

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