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The media and entertainment industry consists of film, television, radio and print. These segments include movies, TV shows, radio shows, news, music, newspapers, magazines, and books.

List of Major Profile, Desired Experience and Tentative Salaries Offered for this Industry in India-


Fun, Leisure and Entertainment Industry Jobs in India

Industries like amusement, entertainment or art are not isolated, rather they contribute in every manner in jobs as well as fun sector. It is in fact one of the most ancient yet booming industries in India. The amusement sector is also on its way while witnessing a growth of 10-12 % in the last three years, and hence are acquiring more talents for their industry. Currently for a population of 1.15 billion in the country, there are 120 amusement parks and 45 Entertainment Centers. This can prove to be a great choice for the ones who want to be a part of this industry.

The Market Size and GDP Share of Fun, Leisure and Entertainment Industry Jobs

Indian media and entertainment industry is expected to reach around Rs. 307,000 crore (US$ 43.93 billion) by 2020, expanding at a CAGR of 13.5 per cent over 2019-24. When it comes to leisure and fun sector, as per the economic times, leisure and fun industry contributed 9.2% of India’s GDP and 87% on domestic travel.

Major Hub of Fun, Leisure and Entertainment Industry

The fun and leisure industry are far-stretched, and the hub of these industries is Mumbai for sure, followed by New Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Jodhpur and many more. The adventure sports has recently rooted in Indian scenario, where few activities like rafting in Rishikesh, skiing in Gulmarg , mountaireeing and trekking, has evolved as so many adventurers are experiencing the challenges brought along  by mother nature.

Job Profiles in Fun, Leisure and Entertainment Industries in India

The eligibility criteria for entering this industry is, 11-month full-time Post-Graduate Program in Media and entertainment for pushing your boundaries, or there are gazillions of courses you can apply to like, Advance Diploma TV Direction Scriptwriting & ProductionB.A. Performance ArtsB.A. Theatre Arts. For adventure sports you should be a qualified trainer, for which you can apply for some of the well-known training institutes in India or abroad, and should be within the age range of 16-40 years.

Only for your convenience, the list of job roles in fun and entertainment industry is provided below. Consult GCS Services for a better understanding of your choices.

Work Profiles                Average Salary Per Annum (INR)Click Here to Apply
Travel consultant Jobs3,10,900Apply Now
Visitor information manager Jobs3,00,000Apply Now
Event manager Jobs2,32,100Apply Now
TV music executive Jobs7,52,452Apply Now
Engagement manager Jobs8,13,141Apply Now
Artists Jobs5,82,120Apply Now
Adventure Expert Jobs1,44,000Apply Now
Production assistant Jobs2,29,800Apply Now
Watersports instructor Jobs3,88,290Apply Now
Safari guide Jobs2,16,741Apply Now

Sources:payscale, Indeed

Note: All the salaries are subjected to experience level and are approximate in amount.

Top 10 Fun and Entertainment Companies in India


Considering the growing demand and the robust talent, Indian fun and entertainment industry now has opened their doors for many talented people with a workforce of more than 7-8 lakhs hence, the entertainment jobs growing every single day. The amusing jobs in this sector plays an important role in telling brand and people stories through this medium. It’s a wise step to look after some great players in the entertainment field for jobs and careers.

Below are the list of top companies in fun and entertainment industry in India. Stop being in a dilemma and contact Gweka Consulting Services- GCS for detailed info, we always have your back.
Companies Name Headquarters
PVR (PVR Jobs) Delhi
Wonderla Park (Wonderla Park Jobs) Bengaluru
Nicco Park (Nicco Park Jobs) Kolkata
Kingdom of Dreams (Kings of Dreams Jobs) Gurgaon
Adlabs Imagica (Adlabs Imagica Jobs) Mumbai
Ramoji film city (Ramoji film city Jobs) Hyderabad
Essel world (Essel world Jobs) Mumbai
Sun TV networks Tamil Nadu

Upcoming Trends in Fun, Leisure and Entertainment Industries in India

Internet being the mainstream media, some trends are taking over the adventure and fun industries.
  • Video streaming will be the biggest asset, for the media companies to build relationships with their customers. It will act as the driving factor for any and every entertainment, leisure or amusement industries.
  • 3 D tour in amusements parks: Enjoy 3D tour from your home and also few thrilling experiences like recoil, where a new dimension of thrill, defy gravity will be included and korneto, A thrilling water slide like you’ve never seen before.

Want to know more about the entertainment industry fun & leisure jobs then do connect with GCS- GWeKa consulting services today.

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