Agriculture Farming, Poultry and Dairy Industry in India

Industry Brief-

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Agriculture has always been the roots of India. Even before the Indus valley civilization poultry and dairy have been a source for a healthy diet and high-quality food. As a major source of fresh fruits, vegetables and grain, India has made his name among the world’s largest producer in the agriculture industry.

While talking about job opportunities livestock contribute to 1.7 billion poor people livelihoods and don’t be surprised to know 70% of whom are women. So, this answers all your questions and makes agriculture the biggest asset of India as a developing country.

The Market Size and GDP Share of Agriculture Farming, Poultry and Dairy Industry in India

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Strengthening the backbone of India livestock and agriculture industry both are playing an important role. The Livestock contributes 8% to GDP of India which contributing 28% to agro GDP including poultry. As per government stats, the Agriculture industry contributes 17% of India’s total GDP, out of which, the 27% is from Animal Husbandry. Overall the poultry industries contribute 4.4% to the nation’s GDP

The market size of the Animal Husbandry has seen drastic changes where products obtained from agriculture has been predicted to reach the goal of INR 7,600 Billion by 2024,with a CAGR of 11.8% during 2019-2024.

Major Hub of Agriculture Farming, Poultry and Dairy Industry in India

 The tag of the hub can easily be awarded to these states- Haryana, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra where agriculture success is owed to the farmers working there. The Dairy and agriculture sectors are also crucial in providing employment to 16 million people across the country.

Work Profiles in Agriculture Farming, Poultry and Dairy Industry in India

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Due to some recent initiatives like “Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana” has elevated the progress of the agricultural industry as well as brought various opportunities for every job-seeker out there. 

To enter this industry High school diploma and Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture are great for the skills required for the job roles in the Agricultural industry.

The list of major job roles that can be helpful for you and your career in Agricultural industry is provided below. You can also consult GCS for a better understanding of your choices.

S.No.Work ProfilesAverage Salary Per Annum (INR)Click Here To Apply
1.Agricultural consultant Jobs4,59,541Apply Now
2.Estates manager Jobs1,26,000Apply Now
3.Farm manager Jobs2,26,716Apply Now
4.Plant breeder/geneticist Jobs9,48,003Apply Now
5.Soil scientist Jobs7,69,873Apply Now
6.Rural practice surveyor Jobs2,77,920Apply Now
7.Field trials officer Jobs3,07,836Apply Now
8.Agricultural Journalist Jobs1,92,948Apply Now
9.Precision Agriculture Specialist Jobs2,50,000Apply Now
10.Agricultural Lobbyist Jobs5,10,408Apply Now

Sources: Glass door, Indeed

Note: all the salaries are subjected to experience level and are approximate in amount.

Top 10 Firm in Agriculture Farming, Poultry and Dairy Industry in India.

About 58% of India’s population directly or indirectly depends on the Agriculture, Poultry and Dairy industry, so take the first step as a passionate job seeker in the Agriculture industry and work with these top-players.

The list of top 10 firms into Agriculture, poultry and Dairy Industry that they offer huge opportunities for every job –seeker, for further info connect with Gweka consulting services.

S.No.Companies NameHeadquarters 
1.Krishak Bharati Cooperative Ltd. (KRIBHCO Jobs)Noida
2.Tata Rallis India Ltd. (Rallis India Jobs)Mumbai
3.BASF India Ltd. (BASF India Jobs)Mumbai
4.Amul Ltd. (Amul Jobs)Gujarat 
5.Zuari Agro Chemicals Ltd. (Zuari Agro Jobs)Pune 
6.Mother Dairy (Mother Dairy Jobs)Uttar Pradesh
7.Pradeshik Cooperative Dairy Federation (PCDF Govt. Firm)Lucknow
8.Britannia Industries Ltd. (Britannia Jobs)West Bengal 
9.Nestle India (Nestle India Jobs)Gurugram 
10.Anik Industries (Anik Jobs)Madhya Pradesh 

Upcoming Trends of Agriculture, Poultry and Dairy Industry.

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Be it the career choices or future trends. Agriculture and dairy industry is booming. The upcoming trends are setting the success bar even higher

  • New Techniques: The tools and techniques are changing for breeding purposes and since they will have a far-reaching impact on livestock and even the production as per report published by NCBI.
  • Financial Strengthening: The best news is increased income will help farmers to pay their bills as well as they will make the industry more saturated in terms of more production and hence more employment.
  • Direct Interaction: For the clients, interaction is the key whether we talk about farmers or business owners. The need for speaking directly to their consumers through social media or any other mode will be quite important. Studies speak 40% of farmers are on Facebook in United States.

Want to explore more in the Agricultural world then do connect with GCS- GWeKa consulting services today for a bright future. Leave a comment below why do you even want to join this industry as a career option? 

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