Human Resource and Recruiting Services Industry Scenario in India

Bringing on board and finding new talents is not an easy thing. HR recruiting industry does the same with perfect ease. Now a days, the scenario has changed, recruiting service industry have grown multifold. The aspect of hiring newbies, managing payrolls and ensuring background checks in every company are few common aspects which all come under recruitment manpower industry. As companies now a days rely on HR Agency completely so demand for the HR Recruitment Firms have been increasing day by day.

The Market Size and GDP Share of HR and Recruiting Jobs in India

India is the 13th largest market and holding $6 Billion market size, which is growing at a pace of 15%. Factors like demonetization and GST have pushed the employment rates and increasing the awareness of benefiting from the large workforce is pushing India to reach 20 billion USD market to become the 6th largest market for HR recruiting services in the world by 2025. The 6% GDP share of the HR industry is witnessing revolutionary changes every single day.

Major Hub of HR and Recruiting Jobs Industries in India

Since over the last few years HR Recruitment Industry has evolved a lot. The places i.e. Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai & Kolkata can be seen as the hub of HR and recruiting services.

Job Profiles in HR and Recruiting Industries Jobs in India

India is becoming the spotlight for HR and recruiting jobs in World. According to a report by the Indian government, there is going to be urgency for 109 million skilled workers by 2022 across 24 key sectors in India. Every aspiring job seeker in HR Department needs a Minimum of diploma or a Bachelor's degree in Human Resource i.e. BBA. However now a days, most of the big companies prefer an MBA in Human Resource Management. Work experience does play a great role for your dream placement job but there are several profiles you can apply for and get started.
The list of job roles in HR and recruiting services is provided below. Consult GCS services for a better understanding of your choices.

Top 10 HR and Recruiting Companies in India

Every country needs a unified recruiting, payroll services solution for the companies and the best of best players in the HR services sector make it easy. For job-seekers and the development of any organization, HR industry has been in the limelight for quite a long time now.

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